Brewdog Punk Night

  • Brewdog Punk Night ! . Every Saturday Punk Night on 16th, 23rd, 30th of September hosted by Brewdog & Illuminize. . You can Experience real original "British Craft Punk" Vibe at @FishheadBrewer ,Busan. . Join us Every Saturday night from 16th to 30th of Sep, You can have a lot of Fun with Premium Craft Beer "Brewdog" and feel the punk vibe performed by our awesome DJs and Artists. . Run.Catch.Kiss is a producer & DJ from the states with an underground NYC sound. He has a remix and is activily involved with the intercontinental record label MODMOTIF. . Let's enjoy RUN CATCH KISS' music at BrewDog's PUNK NIGHT, with the concept of Deep Techno with other well established talents Yosi and Ecky Thump!
  • Brewdog Punk Night - Flyer front