La Troya

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    Main Room: Espuma Les Schmitz Caal Smile Terrace Brasilio de Oliveira presents La Troya Ibiza Massimino -
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  • “La Troya” is the most authentic party in Ibiza and the best night on the island.After 15 years of life it has become the promoter with more years working in Ibiza. The father of this creature is Brasilio de Oliveira, an icon in Ibiza and in the rest of the world for all the parties he creates at Ku-Ibiza and Ku-Privilege. Brasilio conceived La Vaca Asesina 15 years ago in Ku-Privilege then he decides to move to Amnesia where it became La Troya asesina ..And after that the proper groupies of the party started to call it La Troya.And now after 3 years in Space “La Troya” is moving back to Amnesia for its new venue and of course on Wednesday night like always. On every party 's night Brasilio gave happiness, illusion, magic and transgression to the more then 7000 persons who came from all around the world, so come on and be also one of them. He also was the first one who started to do parades in the streets of Ibiza ,parades that are a referential in Ibiza and in the world now. When they started ,those parades initiated at Montesol and they were very theatrical performances, people dressed like mad and more then once they ended up caught by the police. The first string night, The fagot night, ‘Fort Ku’; ‘White Fool Moon’; ‘Flower Power’; ‘Babylonia’; ‘The Temple of Love’; ‘Hell’; ‘Fake’; ‘Prison’; ‘Psychiatric Hospital’; ‘Calcuta’; ‘Brasil’; ’La Vaca Asesina’; ‘The Home Of La Troya, are just some of the nights that he creates through all is life. Brasilio also brought to Ibiza more then 200 internationals artists like: Talk Talk; Ian Dury; James Brown; Freddy Mercury; Suzanne Vega; Spandau Ballet; Brian Adams; Natalie Cole; Joe Cocker; Gloria Gaynor; Fine Young Cannibals; Matt Bianco; Marillion, Chris Rea; Duran Duran; Divine; Silvester; 808 State; The Farm; Adamsky; Front 242; Happy Mondays; Kylie Minogue; M People, just to mention some of them. He marks a style, His colorful thematic decorations remind of the wilderness and the plenitudes of his home country, Brasil. In his party he also promotes trendy V.I.P were all the jet set can mix with the crowd, being able to enjoy to the top without being bothered. He sometimes use daily news of the world or from Ibiza, as a source of inspiration to create new parties during the summer. He also use his parties to criticize politics or any social situation or any worldwide problem of the actuality. He normally puts a little phrase at the end of his flyers were only the one who knows, understands the meaning if it. It is definitive that “La Troya” is a big process of evolution through the mind of and artist .An artist that always loved to look from behind how his creatures, his collaborator and his friends grew with his fantasy, and all this through 3 decades. “La Troya” the authentic party on the island, the original and only Troya in Ibiza.
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