Zero presents... The Masquerade with Mira, Sis, Francesca Lombardo & More

  • One of New York's best loved events returns... For the 5th annual Masquerade presented by ZERO Mask required. Capacity Limited- Pre-Sale Highly Recommended --- The Masquerade V: Rise of the Maenad Saturday the 7th of April, 2018 Celebration 11pm-7am Secret Warehouse Location "find a mask and wear it well, so your true identity no one can tell" Seek your dark and sexy masks, gather your tuxedos, your ball gowns, your magic and your mystery, a journey of decadence and secret celebration beckons for you are invited to.... THE MASQUERADE ♥♥♥ Imagine a night drifting from the driving, emotional power of Francesca Lombardo, Sis & Lovecraft to the uplifting vibes of Lost Desert & the unmatched passion and soul of Mira, the lofty brilliance of Madota, Daniel Cowel & Borzu and then as the sun begins to unmask itself and night gives way to day, Timujin, infused with the movement and spirit of the playa, will escort you to the beyond. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ THE MASQUERADE, ZERO STYLE Participation makes for a more perfect experience. Leave your worries behind and check your old identity at the door. Embrace the fullest nature of celebration: Masks required. ♥♥♥ Artists Daniel Cowel Borzu Courtney Scott Francesca Lombardo Lovecraft Madota Mira Miss Melera Sis Stephanie Szankay Timujin Yasin ♥♥♥ ART INSTALLATIONS Kristine Kätzchen Kim creates intricate, nuanced art with an emotional impact. Ceyda Onal: original flyer artwork Expect: Live painting, visual art installations & more! ♥♥♥♥♥ Expect everything you love about ZERO... tasteful debauchery, world class sound, world class artists, top tier art installations And as always the magic, soul and celebration provided by... YOU ♥♥♥♥♥ ZERO IS ZERO WASTE We are honored to announce ZERO events are leading the way forward through our ZERO WASTE inniative. Beginning in 2017, ZERO uses strictly bio-degradable plastic, provides on-site recycling bins for recyclable tin and glass, and off-sets our carbon footprint by donating funds to, a 5 star charity navigator reviewed non-profit who plant trees in Mississippi, Panama & other places around the globe. To-date together we have planted more than 10,000 trees Through ZERO WASTE, we plan to have REAL impact, as well as clean consciences. ♥ ZERO (its just a good vibe thing) Listen to our music on soundcloud: