Sonic Dreams Festival 2017

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    Solypsis (USA) 18ème boudoir (FRA) Harmergeddon (GBR) Zentric Bau (GBR) CENTRAL (ITA) I Am Snow Angel (USA) raxil4 (GBR) Alchymie & Gregg Skloff (USA) BLYPKEN (ROU) NegrøNegrø & Marta Verde (ESP) Merkaba Macabre (AUS) Ocean Viva Silver (FRA) Jon Law & Oli Genn-Bash (GBR) Sam Enthoven (GBR) miXile (outer space) Slomokloks (IRL) Miles Iwes (IRL) Opia (IRL) Gadget and the Cloud (IRL) Ian Fleming (IRL) Barry Dillon (IRL) Ruairi O'Baoighill - Ritual Ambient (IRL) Q pop (IRL) Stephen Roddy (IRL) Dego (IRL) SOMA (IRL) SU7A7S vs ZYME (IRL)
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  • Welcome to the 5th edition of our international festival of live experimental electronic music and arts
  • Sonic Dreams Festival 2017 - Flyer front