Dailycid XXX Fetish

  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS for DAILYCID FETISH PARTY 18+ ENTRANCE DRESSCODE This is an important and standard part of all fetish events around the world. If you do not comply with the dresscode, you will need to pay entrance. We have a dressing area at the club for those who don't want to/can't arrive dressed. It would be enough to show at the entrance that you have clothes to dress up in and you will be allowed in. What is considered as a proper dresscode: - clothing of latex, leather, rubber, lycra or highly transparent material - sexy costumes - stylish underwear, corsets, stockings - you can use masquerade or venetian masks for dresses for more anonymity The necessity of the dress code does not apply to club staff only. PHOTOS As is common at fetish events, we respect the privacy of our guests at the DAILYCID XXX party. It is forbidden to take photos, except for accredited photographers and places to do so. This means that no one can photograph you, without your permission. We understand, that not everyone can afford be seen at a party like this. We ask you to respect the privacy of other people. Of course, our photographers will be happy to take pictures of you. And most important – please keep good behavior at the event. No harassment or unpleasant behavior towards other guests or the performers will be tolerated.
  • Dailycid XXX Fetish - Flyer front
    Dailycid XXX Fetish - Flyer back