Desert Hearts presents... City Hearts Festival 2017

  • What's Up Desert Hearts Family, It's with great pride we announce the newest love child of the Desert Hearts movement: our first ever City Hearts Festival! On November 12th in Downtown Los Angeles, we’ll be taking the fully immersive vibe of our Desert Hearts Festivals and transplanting it smack in the middle of the urban jungle. You can expect all of the staple Desert Hearts institutions to be there like Pile Palace, Savage Hearts, Dreamscape Collective Art Gallery, Wine & Cheese, Symbiotic Creations, Funkworks, West Coast Eclectic Arts, the Vendor Village, Food Court, and our fully decked out Healing Sanctuary. Desert Hearts is so much more than just a party, a festival, or a record label. We are a community that's leading the charge of a love movement that's so much bigger than us. Our intention is to create as much positive energy in this world as possible, and we couldn't be prouder (more eager) to donate 25% of our ticket sales to the Los Angeles Mission homeless shelter in Skid Row. We're all part of a greater community, a global community if you will, and we aim to use our platform for positive social change. Stay tuned for more info on how to get involved. If you'd like to get involved or have any great ideas, please hit us up at [email protected] House, Techno, and Love… We Are All Desert Hearts.
  • Desert Hearts presents... City Hearts Festival 2017 - Flyer front