10 Years Of WERD. with The Gang

  • WERD.HOMEGROWN.10YEARS It was 2007 when the owner of a then-known-as hip-hop club near Union Square took a chance on a couple young bucks that had just moved to San Francisco less than two years before. These two lads had desires to just be able to play some music on a Sunday night at a small club... to get their small friend circle together to have some fun, celebrate the week, and practice their crafts and to explore music. That monthly party grew organically into a weekly party in six months, and now has been held every week since then. And snap! Here we are 10 years later! WHAT?! We couldn’t have asked for a better lesson in how music affects a scene. What music can do to bring us together… creating friendships that stand the test of time, supporting each other when we are down, celebrating each other to bring each other up, and above all, providing a place for us to be ourselves in the most true of forms. Otis Lounge, the biggest little club in the world.. what a trip that place was! To the location, on the Maiden Lane alley, the bi-level separation of drinks & debauchery, and the postage stamp sized dancefloor, you could definitely see it was a unique venue for the city at that time. The sheer do-it-yourself mentality that everyone involved with the club had, both on and behind the decks, brought such a unique vibe to the place. And the people! With 20 people you had a rocking night, and that brought intimacy. A place where you would talk to everyone there because you knew that they were a friend of the person who brought you there. Over the years we have ebbed and flowed to our home today at Monarch. It is always our hope that we continue this tradition of focusing on local and regional talent, bringing fresh sounds to the ears of San Francisco. WERD. was in the greatest sense of the word, homegrown. A focus on local talent, and connecting artists and DJs in the city that shared similar vibes in music brought and strengthened the connections made in that small house. The residents involved have been many over the years, and music has taken them around the world to spread their sounds. We are very thankful to get together nearly all the residents that we have had over the years on one special day and night to play together. WERD.
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