Golden Times 4 Years with Red Robin, VONDA7 & More

  • 4 Jahre Golden Times, ein Jubiläum steht an. Kommt & feiert mit uns dieses goldene Fest! Für die musikalische Unterhaltung sorgen: Red Robin [Bar 25 Music] -> VONDA7 [Souvenir Music] -> Miguel Rodriguez [Golden Times/Papalapap Berlin] -> Doyle Shepherd [Golden Times/Papalapap] -> Hamann&Hochholzner [Golden Times/Papalapap] -> RA: Give RED ROBIN the means to make music and he will play until he drops. No matter if that is in front of thousands of people or just with a few friends around him. No matter if it's night or day, indoors or outdoors, cold or hot, early or late - he is going to find the exact soundtrack that fits the situation. Making music literally since he can think and being able to read notes before he was actually able to read, Robin grew up with classical piano, drums and percussion, spending days in front of the radio, waiting for his favorite songs to be played so he'd be able to record them, trying to put together special selections of songs, collections of different moods, which he would listen to when driving in the car with his father. All this, and of course playing in bands from Metal to Hip Hop and from Punkrock to Funk, have helped Robin develop an extraordinary wide musical horizon and a very special intuition and understanding of music that keeps spilling out of him like a source that never dries out as soon as he lays his hands on any DJ-gear. But not only as a DJ with residencies at the legendary Bar 25, Kater Holzig (now Kater Blau) and Watergate in Berlin or Villa Nova in Hamburg Robin has earned his good reputation. Releases on labels such as Platzhirsch, Trapez ltd or Kater Mukke (just to name a few) have underscored his standing in the world of electronic music and made the name Red Robin stand for quality music & quality time. Red Robin not only loves music. He lives music. VONDA7 landed in Berlin following a wavy voyage down from planet techno many BPMs ago. A purveyor of hypnotic grooves, she speaks in synthesised melodies and laughs in heavy basslines that wash over you like what can only be described as a seriously slick musical baptism. Her talent in the studio, vast record collection and innate ability to shake up the driest of crowds with her diverse eclectic sets is leading to international acclaim. Her prolific debut on Last Night On Earth, ‘Decompression’, has acquired some serious heat from BPM to Miami, as well as remixing various artists has assisted in marking her turf on the techno circuit. Supported by our residents. BEST TIMES - GOLDEN TIMES!
  • Golden Times 4 Years with Red Robin, VONDA7 & More - Flyer front