Play On: Purcell + Bartók / Claire Morgan

  • A night at OHM with a classical string quartet and a DJ set from Claire Morgan has to inspire a great deal of intrigue.
  • After three mesmerizing series in Melbourne, Australia, Play On heads overseas for the first time, bringing its signature classical meets electronic program to none other than OHM Berlin. Experience Australia’s most respected classical artists performing Purcell and Bartók then shift gears and hit the dance floor as fellow Aussie-turned-Berliner DJ, Claire Morgan, takes over. Set One ◠ Play On Collective Kristian Winther // Violin Fiona Doig // Violin Bella Bozic // Viola Evamaria Pfanner // Cello Henry Purcell - Fantazias (1680) Béla Bartók - String Quartet No. 2 (1915-17) Set Two ◠ Claire Morgan Opening Set ◠ Andreas Maan
  • Play On: Purcell + Bartók / Claire Morgan - Flyer front