• New Forms returns to RJ. Expect bass-heavy music.
    Alex Neuschulz
  • Tickets available on the door, 12 EUR. After NEW FORMS' debut at Robert Johnson in Offenbach last year, the event returns on October the 20th! In 2015 NEW FORMS was launched by dBridge and Kabuki to provide a platform for lovers/producers of progressive bass music. After collaborating during the day in the studio the result is premiered the same night at the club. Two years on the previous results have recently been released as a mini EP on Exit Records. Special guest and collaboration partner this night will be Fixate. Following on from the success of his initial tracks on Diffrent Music, he was tasked with writing his first solo EP for dBridge’s label. Now having found a home on Exit Records amongst one of the most creatively diverse artist rosters in electronic music, he released his second EP, 'March On' in July 2016 as well as being revealed as 1/7th of mysterious D&B super group, 'Richie Brains'. Since he already worked in a collective he should be perfectly prepared for NEW FORMS! dBridge is a member of Bad Company and the label boss of Exit Records. He left the path of traditional drum and bass behind when he and Instra:mental started 'Autonomic' a couple of years ago, doing a podcast, running a label and a club night. Not afraid to push musical boundaries, all kinds of influences go into his recent work. If you listen closely you can still hear the echoes of jungle/drum and bass. Kabuki is predominantly acknowledged as a pioneer in the drum and bass scene, even though he was always actively producing other genres as well. Tempo has never been as important to him as making sure his music has a feeling of soul. With his analogue equipment he's hard at work making new templates of jungle, juke and hip-hop inspired beats.
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