Pyg presents Objekt

  • On Saturday October 21st we welcome TJ Hertz, aka Objekt, to Pygmalion. With other-worldly productions pushing the boundaries of club music, and DJ sets near unrivalled in their dynamic and bold approach, this is sure to be a unique venture down the rabbit hole and a sound we know Dublin rarely revels in. Early Hessle Audio 12-inches and his genre-shattering “Ganzfeld” (Resident Advisor’s number 1 track of the year some time ago) rightly rocketed him to international touring DJ status and he now enjoys playing at essentially any party, club or festival he wishes to. A recent RA “Art of DJing feature” put’s it perfectly… “At this year's Freerotation…Hertz delivered a set that was both more understated and more radical than any I'd heard from him before—smooth and intuitive, yet totally unpredictable, slipping easily through genres and tempos with subtle sleights of hand. A friend remarked that it was the first time in years he'd seen a DJ and thought: "What is he actually doing back there?" Or more specifically—how exactly did we get from that track to this one, and how is it that such a dramatic leap made sense?”. We expect us all to be marvelling in similar fashion when he indulges us in a three hour maelstrom of techno/electro and anything else he deems wild enough to unleash. We are incredibly grateful he has agreed to play for us all and hope you join us for the beautiful mayhem.
  • Pyg presents Objekt - Flyer front
    Pyg presents Objekt - Flyer back