Christian Burkhardt at Nottooserious

  • Venue
    • Festae Omotesando Building B1F, 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Date
    Sat, 7 Oct 2017
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 31
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    =ROOM1= Christian Burkhardt Fake Eyes Production (Shigeo JD+DJ MAAR+Mustache X) YOUFORGOT (UGFY) =ROOM2= tamaru × SOTARO Ren Yokoi (World Connection) SAYO AGATA
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  • 【 ヴィラロボスからも熱烈なサポートを受ける革命家、Christian Burkhardt!! 】 La Peñaとしても活躍し、Oslo、Raum...Musik、Deep Vibesなどのレーベルからのリリースが多くのDJによってプレイされ一躍トップアクトとして世界の第一線に躍り出たプロデューサー、Christian Burkhardt。従来のテクノやハウスに革命を起こすサウンドは、メロディアスながら心地よいグルーヴが絡みつくようにオーディエンスを包み込む!世界各地クラブやフェスの起爆剤となってきたフロアバンガーがVENTので炸裂する! Oslo、Raum...Musik、Deep Vibesなどの優良ハウスレーベルからリリースした作品がヨーロッパを超えてヒットを記録。ユニークなサウンドは多くのプロデューサーから絶賛され、Ricaldo Villarobosをはじめ多くのDJにプレイされてきた。自身のスタジオで磨き抜いたサウンドを披露するライブプレイも近年では好評を博し、国際的に幅広く活躍しているアーティストだ。 国内からはフルメンバー3人のFake Eyes Production (Shigeo JD+DJ MAAR+Mustache X)とYOUFORGOTが登場し、Christianとともにハウスとテクノの革命を巻き起こす! Christian Burkhardt, the revolutionary who's gained the trust and support of Villalobos comes to VENT! Also known as La Peña, Christian Burkhardt's releases from labels like Oslo, Raum...Musik and Deep Vibes have been spun heavily by many a DJ, boosting him up to the global frontline of as a top artist in no time flat! His revolutionary style of Techno and House incorporates a melodious touch while creating a comfortable soundscape that shrouds the audience with its thickness. He's been dropping explosive floor bangers at clubs and festivals all over the world and now he'll be making some direct hits on VENT! His releases on top House labels like Oslo, Raum...Musik and Deep Vibes have gone on to become hits that have transcended Europe's borders, reaching a global audience. With a unique sound, his tracks have are sought after by top producers like Ricardo Villalobos. Burkhardt's sound, which has been polished in his studio, and live act have gained notoriety in recent years, leading extensive international activity. On the domestic side of things, all three members of Fake Eyes Production (Shigeo JD, DJ MAAR and Mustache X) along with YOUFORGOT will join Christian Burkhardt and incite a House and Techno REVOLUTION at VENT!
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