Rush Hour 20 Year Anniversary w Antal, Hunee, Soichi Terada

  • The Rush Hour juggernaut continues to grow without compromise after two decades. Catch three of the label's heroes in the Goodbar basement.
  • Crown Ruler, Bizarro & Animals Dancing are honoured to join forces in celebrating 20 years of one of underground music's most important institutions: Rush Hour. Over the past two decades, Rush Hour has cultivated itself into a haven for music lovers, becoming synonymous with the underground music vanguard. The reputation Rush Hour has built mainly comes from the fact that first and foremost Rush Hour focuses on music they totally believe in and have a love for. The Rush Hour family has a strong sense of pride in always working with and feeding off that impulse and faith, rather than working for the mighty dollar or bottom line. Beginning in 1997 Amsterdam, Rush Hour launched when DJ and private record dealer, Antal Heitlager & Christiaan Macdonald opened a record and mail order store. Initially importing records from around the world to share, which later led to exporting similar Dutch records to overseas companies. When the distribution wing had evolved after just two years, the Rush Hour label launched and has since then released feature artists all over the world in all different genres and directions along with reissuing forgotten classics and unearthing unreleased gems. For this special occasion, we've brought together three artists at the forefront of the Rush Hour sound. Far-east house legend, Soichi Terada, German musicologist and DJ, Hunee, and of course label operator & DJ, Antal. As a DJ, Antal's MO is much the same as that of Rush Hour: to connect with people, introduce them to new music and to educate about what has gone before, whether crafted on a piano or a drum machine - one defining connection is his love for music that's soulful. Similarly, Hunee is just as likely to draw for a classic house record as he is a disco curveball; a boogie delight or mixing a West African bomb into midwest techno - each selection he makes is a thing of true passion. Soichi Terada has long been a bastion of charming house music in Japan. With a sound that bares the subtle hallmarks of 80s and 90s New York, Terada has continually cooked up his own melodically rich take on house, and for that reason he has always stood out. Ranging in style from personable and fun to more moody and soulful, he has a broad sound palette that is full of humour and real character. Join us to help celebrate twenty years of Rush Hour on Thursday November 16th at Goodbar. Local lineup announcement coming soon!
  • Rush Hour 20 Year Anniversary w Antal, Hunee, Soichi Terada - Flyer front