Huntleys + Palmers ~ The Final Fling! Feat. SOPHIE, Veronica Vasicka, Auntie Flo & More

  • One of the last-ever Huntleys + Palmers parties has a lineup that no other promoter could pull off.
  • To mark the end of the 10th anniversary - and indeed our days as a 'compulsive' promoter - to a close, we'll be taking over the Bussey Building in London for one final night night to remember! Joining us, will be some nearest and dearest who have grown alongside H+P over the years.  SOPHIE needs little introduction to most now. we've been fortunate to be there right from the start; charting a monumental rise from playing in dingy Dalston basements to being highly sought after by pop royalty in a very short space of time. It was pretty clear from the outset that this was always going to be the case, this is best summed up by a pal who first witnessed an early live show on a beach in Barcelona as "It's like waiting for your favourite producer to play your favourite track - except you've never heard it before". We've never been prouder and can't wait to catch up with what's going on in the SOPHIE world. Veronica Vasicka and her Minimal Wave label has been a huge source of inspiration and influence over the years. We'd independently began to discover some of the artists and tracks who are now best associated with MW and this personal discovery seemed to run in synchronicity with Minimal Wave beginning to pick up international interest - at one point, it almost felt like each release was catered directly for us. Veronica has subsequently played a few times - maybe 3/4? - including her UK debut alongside Oni Ayhun back in 2010.. Since then Veronica has firmly established herself as a techno artist and DJ, but tonight, she'll be playing a very special Minimal Wave set! There will be a dedicated Highlife room open, celebrating a long running musical relationship with Auntie Flo. Over and above the rest included tonight, we're immensely proud to have witnessed many small ideas develop and form into another exciting part of his career - and the best is yet to come.. He'll be joined by the incredible Zozo who we've had the pleasure of knowing for a couple of years since a very memorable visit to Istanbul and again, it's been exciting to watch her recognition begin to reach the likes of Dekmantel and the Panorama Bar. The Mechanical Turk, Mehmet Aslan is also getting involved in the proceedings - he's came a long way since our early encounters and much like the others, we couldn't round things off without him. This is all topped off by the man of many aliases; Jan Shulte, Wolf Müller, Bufiman, Young Wolf - however you know him best, you know it's for something special. If this wasn't enough, Munich's finest Public Possession will also be getting involved with the celebrations. Marvin and Valentino run a gamut of impressively consistent creative endeavours. Their record shop is one of the cosiest and tightly curated we've visited. Their label releases some of the most sure fire party starters in the game. Their artwork is as entertaining as it is idiosyncratic. Their merch game is on point - ranging from tshirts and scarfs, to toothpicks. And their DJ'ing meets the same high standards as the rest. Glasgow will be represented strongly on the night by the likes of the phenomenal duo LAPS, who opened the most recent 'Clyde Built' compilation earlier in the summer before delivering their finest work to date on MIC Records. 'Who Me?' has been a summer anthem on some discerning dancefloors this year. Get familiar! We'd also like to use the finale as an opportunity to introduce a few new artists who we believe are going to go on as equally as exciting things as the aforementioned others. First up is the Ukrainian Konakov who first sent us demos a couple of years ago and hasn't stopped exciting us ever since. What struck most is the high quantity and sheer quality of someone starting out. It feels like hearing what could be considered as an entire body of work by a much more established artist and would confidently sit him in a similar bracket to Actress or Legowelt in terms of variation and consistency. You heard him here first. We chanced upon Wilted Woman as her show followed mine on Berlin Community Radio and her opening track was stuck in my head for the rest of my visit. Having checked the rest of the show, we felt a strong musical affinity with her and this was cemented by her incredible release on She Rocks! shortly afterwards. Again, watch this space. Funnily enough, we have Kornel Kovacs to thank for introducing us to Wheelman - which is somewhat embarrassing as he's actually from Glasgow and we didn't realise he was the same guy who'd been down to many previous parties. Having made the connection, we invited him to feature on a Clyde Built compilation and immediately decided to do a release with the material he'd sent over - and that's coming soon. Hopefully this enthusiasm translates. It's going to be difficult to not be everywhere at once on the night, but we'll certainly try.. £10 tickets are on sale NOW.. JOIN US
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  • Huntleys + Palmers ~ The Final Fling! Feat. SOPHIE, Veronica Vasicka, Auntie Flo & More - Flyer front