Biatch Corp presents Jeff Samuel and Jona

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    MAIN ROOM -- Jeff Samuel (Trapez, Pokerflat, Spectral - Berlin via Seattle) Jona (Get Physical, Planet E - Brussels) FoNG + JULIO (Sheik n Beik) CEO & CHAIRMAN (Biatch Corp) SIDE ROOM -- GIOVANNI - BIRTHDAY BOY (Biatch Corp, Rotate) THOMAS HILDEBRAND - Live (Microcosm) ROMAINVILLE (Sheik n Beik, Vanina Hanin) Isomer Transition (Moodgadget, Archipel)
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  • We are going legit again!!! After exploring the Loft world with 2 interesting incursions, we are coming to Club land in full force, showcasing a superb lineup and celebrating Giovanni's Birthday!!! 8 performances to blow your head off: -------- BIATCH CORP @ STUDIO B June 20th, 2009 10:00PM-6:00AM $10 advance tickets available at $20 at the door more info @ ------- ABOUT THE ARTISTS JEFF SAMUEL A listen through Jeff's myriad of quality releases reveal his true range as an artist. From experimental bleeps to Chicago-influenced jack trax to the melodic direction of his recent work, his unmistakable trademark style remains constant. This range also carries over to Jeff’s legendary DJ sets, which have brought him all over the world. A sample of recent DJ outings include Fabric (London), Yellow (Tokyo), Loft (Barcelona), Panoramabar (Berlin) and the Batofar (Paris). Jeff has also performed at both the DEMF and MUTEK electronic music festivals. We are psyched to present him this summer. JONA It's the second time we host Jona in New York, we usually don't request artists twice in a year, but this Belgian amazing edgy-techno hitter deserves to be heard one more time in the big apple, in the meantime check out his outstanding releases with labels like Tuning Spork, Planet E (Carl Craig's Label) and Get Physical. GIOVANNI The Birthday boy has been a staple of New York Techno since his inception to the Corporation's Board Of Trustees, showing skills that have become worthy of praise in Colombia, Spain, France and nowadays the US. The dance floor will be in celebration mode. FONG + JULIO Sheik n' Beik ambassadors and power dancing engine duo, responsible for infusing collective madness, will be tossing crispy Tech-house and Techno, having their fun signature along the way. This night marks their Studio B debut. CEO & CHAIRMAN Introducing the guys who sign the documents in the office. CEO & Chairman is the production moniker of Pito & Karraskilla. They take care of the new upcoming podcast series, expect to hear the new label material, along with catchy stompers and some classic techno bangers throughout the night. ROMAINVILLE Sheik n Beik resident and Vanina Hanin recording artist shows his love for analog and raw sounds on his releases and live sets. Cinematic and bizarre but funky in full delivery makes him one of the most adventurous techno friends will ever have. ISOMER TRANSITION US born (New York) RJ Valeo is an electronic music producer, live performer, and event curator. Influenced by microsound, glitch, techno, dub, new wave, idm, and industrial, his 'Isomer Transition' releases avant-garde futuristic dance music. THOMAS HILDEBRAND. Just fresh from the oven, releasing on Microcosm its debut EP. Hildebrand is slowly forging his own sound, embracing a variety of interests and sources and making them his own through jangling, moody tracks which hang in the balance between proper club music and personal couch listening.
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