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    Dr. Kontra, Wild Torus, Juanjose Rivas, The Basement Labs, Pulcinella, Ursula Kennedy, ONISM, Marc Mosteirin
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  • WILD EmbeddingS presents SYN-ANESTESIA DR KONTRA - Mexico City Dr. Kontra is a visual and sound artist who integrates various languages (video, audio, installation and performance) to construct his platforms for experimentation. His practice revolves around human conduct as territory where fears, projections and instincts all manifest and occupy, distorting the notion of what is "real", immediately subverting the signals of anything considered to be socially correct: comfort, excitement, money, consumption, power, order, etc. His interventions seek to generate a metaphysical experience that activates primitive instincts and emotions through expanded performance and sound mutation. WILD TØR∇S - NYC with special guests ONISM and Marc Mosteirin Entropy reversal machine. They want the right drugs. Juanjose Rivas - Mexico City Visual/sound artist specialized in electronic media; he employs different techniques in order to make a speech from the translation, error, obstruction, and the interference inside artistic languages. He tries to define the impossible, to reveal the hidden, to articulate the unspeakable, and to evidence the truth as an instituted lie. These are some of the conceptual approaches he uses in his work. The Basement Labs - NYC A fixture of the Brooklyn dance music scene, Videopunks is the live analog video manipulation project of Mike Mazzotta. A former touring member of Australian Industrial Cyberpunk outfit Angelspit, he's video-jammed live for artists like Merzbow (as part of the Redbull Music Academy), Angelspit, Pharmakon, Pictureplane, Machinegirl, No Eyes, and many more. Pulcinella - NYC Culling influence from renegade Performance Art, Z-Grade Horror/Exploitation Film, Noise, Freudian psychology, psychedelia, The Occult and The Grotesque, progressive rock, and puppetry & ventriloquism, Pulcinella's work is intended to jolt the senses as a means to lead toward an "ULTIMATE KOZMIC TROOTH." Ursula Kennedy - NYC URSULA KENNEDY is cathartic howling wading through the treacherous squalls of love and oblivion, accompanied by contrapuntal pulses. W.E. is a collaborative platform for performance events and media, focused on spontaneous cross-disciplinary interactions and exploration of expanded format performance. $10 ENTRY 7P DOORS SHOW STARTS 8P SHARP!
  • Syn•anæstesia - Flyer front