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    Autumns Balatan Welia Annie High
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  • Autumns (Clan Destine Records, Downwards Records) Ghoulish, drowned lo-fi productions, rooted in 80ies post-punk shot through with post-shoegaze gestures. Autumns is operating out of Derry, Northern Ireland. Balatan (Bare Hands, Carbroke House) Psychoactive Power Electronics Duo hailing from London. Dealing out harsh noise, concrète perc and distasteful kick drums. First live appearance ever. Welia (sama recordings) Viennese Underground mainstay renowned for eclectic selections running from industrial to new wave and back. Annie High (Parken) New Wave flavors galore Support by PLF Brought to you by Bare Hands Special thanks to magic Cihad Johnson 22:00 VENSTER 99