Drexciya Day - A Tribute to James Stinson

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    Chris Smith (Central Processing Unit) Gary Sloan (Signal) Anthony Dobson (Needle To The Groove) Rick Nicholls (Brain Machine) Voiceless (III Rivers - 3 Rivers/ Chamber)
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  • On the 3rd September 2002, the electronic music world lost a profound figure who paved the way for many artists worldwide. Stinson was prolific and responsible for creating some of the most mind-warping and beautiful techno, electro, and even house, that's likely to ever exist. Every day is Drexciya day at Eastern Bloc - however we thought it would be honourable to mark the event around the date of Stinson's anniversary and remember all things Stinson & Drexciya related - what better way to do this than to invite some of Manchester's finest Electro heads & friends of Eastern Bloc to pay homage to one of the greatest underground artists that has ever lived. This event will also serve as a warm up to a killer night of electro, house & techno at Hidden where High Hoops presents DJ Stingray & more... https://www.facebook.com/events/1664560770516403/
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