A Can of Worms

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    Dale Cornish, Phil Julian, Simon Fisher Turner, Howlround, Marta De Pascalis, Laura Agnusdei, rough music, Parker
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  • TTW#100 is A Can of Worms. On 29 September 2017 The Tapeworm celebrates its centennial edition with a concert, a cassette and apparel. A concert – “One More Night” – in performance: Dale Cornish and Phil Julian, Simon Fisher Turner, Howlround, Marta de Pascalis, Laura Agnusdei, rough music and Parker. At Waterloo’s finest… IKLECTIK Art Lab Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane London SE1 7LG (corner of Royal Street, next to Archbishop’s Park) Doors: 20h00. £10: includes A Can of Worms C120 mixtape. –––––––– Dale Cornish and Phil Julian – Mainstays of the UK underground electronic scene with their own solo work, Dale Cornish and Phil Julian have joined forces to deliver a handful of releases and notorious live shows with this new pop duo. Their work consists of oblique references to pop culture and the avant garde, modern composition, computer music and torch songs via broken test equipment and out of date software. – dalecornish.com / cmx.org.uk Simon Fisher Turner is an English musician, songwriter, composer, producer and actor. On 22 August 2017, Mr Turner wrote the following: “SFT. 62 years old. Noise and silence. Music for life. I wish I didn’t shave so often. I enjoy colours, movement, food and warmth. I try to make music for everything, from anything, which sometimes works and often doesn’t. Such is the way of the forward adventures I look forward to everyday. Be well and stay calm as Mr Lucas once said.” – simonfisherturner.com Howlround create recordings and performances entirely from manipulating natural acoustic sounds on vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, with additional reverb or electronic effects strictly forbidden – a process that has seen their work compared to William Basinski, Philip Jeck, Morton Feldman and even the sculptures of Rachel Whiteread. Their sixth LP, soundtrack to the experimental film “A Creak In Time” is out now on Psyché Tropes. – howlround.co.uk Marta De Pascalis is a musician from Rome, currently based in Berlin. She layers sound on synthesisers and tape loops, incorporating free playing into steady, repetitive patterns. She has produced two albums of Berlin School minimal synth excursions: the self-released “Quitratue” (2014) and “Anzar” (The Tapeworm, 2016). – maesia.bandcamp.com Laura Agnusdei is a classically trained saxophone player from Bologna, currently based in The Hague, where she is studying at the Institute of Sonology. Her electroacoustic compositions feature the saxophone as the main voice within sonic landscapes that shift between melodies and textures, the song form and improvisation, fusing acoustic, digital and analogue sound sources to create emotional states that change from track to track. Agnusdei is a former member of neo-psych quintet Sex with Giallone and now is playing around Europe with cult psych-rock band Julie’s Haircut. Her first solo release, “Night/Lights”, is released this September on The Tapeworm. rough music is an improv group using conventional instrumentation and a field kit to produce a charivari of discordant rythms and rhymes. Parker is a London based singer and composer known for his work as Zerocrop and the band Doris, now performing under his own name, showcasing his own brand of electronic doom-folk. –––––––– A cassette – “Chain Reaction” – TTW#100 itself is a C120 mixtape starring 36 of your favourite worms, each serving an exclusive, previously unreleased track for your pleasure. First available at our IKLECTIK Art Lab show. Apparel – “Vitamin T” – mister artworm himself, Sir Savage Pencil, has gone and done a drawing for A Can of Worms. Purchase this drawing as a tee or a tote, savage in white on black. First available at our concert.
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