Laptop Cafe: Remembering James Stinson

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    Matt Nida
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  • It's fifteen years since James Stinson died. In the intervening years his reputation has grown to the point where his is rightly considered one of the lynchpin artists of modern electronic music, thanks to both his solo works but most notably his partnership with Gerald Donald as Drexciya. We'll be remembering James with a special listening event at the Pretty Decent Beer Co in Forest Gate on Saturday 2nd September. From 7pm onwards we'll be exclusively playing music by Drexciya, Stinson's other projects (The Other People Place, Lab Rat XL, Jack Peoples to name but a few) and other transmissions from the wider Drexciyan universe (Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus and many more). Come and have a beer, and listen to some of the best electronic music of the last three decades. And if you're lucky enough to own any rare Drexciya or Stinson/Donald releases on vinyl or CD, bring them along and we'll give them a spin.
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