Clandestino and Música Noche with Eastern Front Soundsystem

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    UPSTAIRS: Clandestino (Exclusive London show) DOWNSTAIRS: Eastern Front Soundsystem Russell Penn, Adrian Spurdon and Neil Thornton (Musica Noche)
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  • Música Noche is once again joined by the superb Clandestino - This time they are taking over the top floor for the whole night. Meanwhile downstairs, Música Noche residents are joined by the fantastic Eastern Front Soundsystem... disco tickets only £3 from RA Clandestino hail from Leeds, UK. For over 15 years they have regularly thrown respected and diverse parties in unique spaces. Their exotic brand of left-field dance music has gained them gigs at some of Europe’s premier spots such as Renate in Berlin, Stalingrad in Paris, Geneva’s La Graviere and Powerhouse in Moscow in addition to being regular fixtures on the discerning festival circuit. Their Horse & Groom party will see the first London Clandestino event as they tour the imminent fourth release on their own record label, taking over the top floor of the venue all night long. While musically unpredictable; a Clandestino set is sure to be a joyous ride though afro, disco & acid centric sounds." Eastern Front Soundsystem are three friends - Rog, Simon, & Matt - from Walthamstow, East London - vinyl obsessives, disco nerds & bad dancers each and every one. After dj-ing independently for a few years, they came together to play sunday sessions in a local pub, in part simply as an excuse to drink more beer whilst having control of the pub soundsystem. A few short years later they have brought their sound to venues across London and beyond, playing a mixture of balearic gear, oddball house records, lost world classics and a dose of weapons-grade disco alongside whatever else they might have come across. Balearic. Eclectic. Disco. That pretty much sums them up
  • Clandestino and Música Noche with Eastern Front Soundsystem - Flyer front