Das Boot Season Finalé: Disco Assorti

  • You asked for another DAS BOOT party this year – there you go: in the first day of autumn we will play classic house and disco vinyl with modern electronic music at DISCOTEKA ASSORTI. Timetable: 22:00 boarding to “Vecrīga”; 22:30 departure for sail; 02:30 return (no stops during the journey). Tickets online presale at Resident Advisor (): 1st release: €5 + booking fee. 2nd release: €7 + booking fee. Pre-sale on “Vecrīga”: call +371 29 896 138. On entry: €10 (if there's space available). Limited capacity: only 150 people on board. Location: Vecrīga boat (11.Novembra krastmala, to the right of the Akmens bridge) ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> Supported by: Captain Morgan, www.testpress.news, www.pmtm.lv.
  • Das Boot Season Finalé: Disco Assorti - Flyer front