Equinoxe with The Mole (Chicago Debut)

  • With a new album on the way, The Mole brings his trippy, playful house and techno to a Chicago day party—his local debut.
  • Neon Cherry is excited to celebrate the end of summer and the Autumn Equinox with an intimate debut of Vancouver, B.C born and Berlin based artist, The Mole. We are also honored to feature a live PA & DJ set from Nashville artist Grey People as well as DJ sets from local selectors Mindy Sherman, Sassmouth, & Marty Mars. BIO: Disco, jazz, hip hop, funk—all is fair game when it comes time for The Mole to pull either inspiration or wax for his house-heavy DJ sets and live presentations. Decades in, the Vancouver native still gets the jitters before a performance, which speaks a lot to his ethos. For a guy for whom a record bag is so much more than the sum of its parts, every gig is a big deal. And if you've ever had the chance to catch him in action—be it DJing or jumping between his MPC and a sole turntable—, you'd agree. Low-key and loved by many, the rambling capitán of Maybe Tomorrow boasts a steadfast commitment to keeping it groovy above all. "And weird!" A normally elusive creature, The Mole can be found most at home behind a DJ booth during the wee smoky hours in the midst of long, drawn-out sets. The more time for injecting a bit of Marvin Gaye here, some Mercedes Sosa there, the better. Known for his love of sonic collage and musical noodling, he boasts a long and colourful list of releases—for labels like Perlon, Ostgut Ton, Slices of Life, Haunt, Musique Risquée, New Kanada, Internasjonal and longtime home Wagon Repair.
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