Birgits Komfortzone (Showcase & Release Party)

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    Psycho & Plastic (Live) Album Release Erta Ale LIVE Techno & Ambient Set freedomB (DJ Set) Babette Conrady (Live Vocals & DJ Set) Thomas Gerber b2b Oliver Liefke (B2B Techno Battle) Bill Sanders (Digital & Vinyl DJ Set) Superbuzz (DJ Set) Maringo (DJ Set)
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  • Long time we had to wait for a special electronic kosmopop Album of Psycho&Plastic. The guys will bomb the floor with an awesome live set performance next to DJ sets by Toolroom & Bar25 master FreedomB, audiolith label djane & Radio host Babette Conrady with live vocals & DJ set, Berlins techno battle master Thomas Gerber b2b Oliver Liefke, DJ set by Maringo aka Superbuzz which has more than 20 years experience in House & tech-house all over the world, Erta Ale one of the craziest LIVE performance DJs at the moment between Techno & Ambient worlds & last but not least Bill Sanders a master between digital & vinyl sets full of house & techno passion but also rave sounds. 2 wonderfull floors, a huge outdoor area & a typical Berlin club area are waiting for you. It is, in other words, the time to withdraw to our comfort-zone. And so, it will be the local Komfortzone crew that will take over the night and showcase it's DJs and lovers in this special Birgit club night.
  • Birgits Komfortzone (Showcase & Release Party) - Flyer front