¡OYE! Cuatro

  • Ahora es el tiempo por numero cuatro. After our loudest and funkiest night yet last wekk, we’re out hea with ¡OYE! Cuatro. This is the pool party for all pool parties, the epitome of alternative sub-culture. The place you land after your hectic brunches, the vibes you get before you head off to your late night spot and eventually come back. ~~~ HAPPY HOUR FROM 6PM-10PM ~~~ ¡OYE! card holders, get a hotel room and you get 250aed credit on all food and bevergage. Beer Pong Tournament winners get a free bucket. ////// HEAT BEATERS ////// We got ice buckets in all the pools, mega fans throughout and ice drenched towels. We’ve heard rumors that jello shots and frozen margaritas help eliminate heat exhaustion so we’ve included them in the happy hour menu as well. |||||| SELECTAS |||||| This week, we welcome back Marise Cardoso with our usual suspects of last week Dubijad and Captain Tea giving us the best in eclectic world tunes that will make you move every muscle in your body. [[[[[ Sunset session ]]]]] Captain Tea & Dubijad by the pool: Swim & Tonic, 7:30pm-9:30pm Marise Cardoso in The Backyard Dubai, 10:00pm-12:00am Captain Tea with the close out: The Backyard Dubai, 12:00-2:00am
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