Moxie, Frits Wentink,Lo Shea, Chris Duckenfield

  • PLEASE NOTE - Due to circumstances beyond our control Marcel Vogel will no longer be performing at this show. We are rescheduling his performance to the next available opportunity:) Love. HW. x Welcome to Sheffield! Hope Works is delighted to start the new season and welcome people to the city from far and wide with a special secret location party (announced on the day) Bringing the goods are... Moxie Moxie is many things: a Londoner born and bred, raised on raving and records; a seasoned DJ, playing big-room clubs and sweatbox basements worldwide; a charming radio host, as at home on national FM (including appearances on BBC Radio 1) as regional stations and independent start-ups, such as NTS Radio where Moxie’s weekly show has been a firm favorite for many listeners. It’s this balancing act between the underground and the mainstream that’s seen her become one of the UK’s hottest DJs. Her DJing experiences have been as broad and ambitious as her tastes. Moxie’s selections of House, Techno, Disco and Garage have seen her reach such wide and varying audiences that she became so in demand with playing at many of the world’s best clubs and securing her a residency at the renound Le Sucre, Lyon. Frits Wentink Throughout releases on Heist, Wolf and Bobby Donny, Frits has consistently drawn for his arsenal of synths, effects and drum machines and through doing so, has stitched a sound characterized by raw drums, analogue bass tones and odd, lo-fi samples, brimming with gently wobbling piano samples, tightly swung drums and thick, brazen bass lines that continue to re-define genres. Tickets from RA NOW at 5/7/10/12/15
  • Moxie, Frits Wentink,Lo Shea, Chris Duckenfield - Flyer front
    Moxie, Frits Wentink,Lo Shea, Chris Duckenfield - Flyer back