Zoë Xenia



  • Zoe Xenia's productions are marked by a distinct hybrid of funk fueled beats, melodic chords and rolling bass lines, married in harmony with her soulful voice, both as a lead vocal and as an instrument itself.
    Zoe Xenia's original productions, collaborations and remixes have been released on labels such as; Plastic City, Suara, Kling Klong, Connaisseur, BassCulture, Tulipa Records, Monique Musique, Freude Am Tanzen,Tronic Soundz, Toolroom, Pacha & Kosmo Records. One of her first tracks, 'Cherish' on Connaisseur Recordings, became house tune of the month in the November 2007 issue of Mix Mag and she received great feedback on her follow up releases from artists like Radio Slave, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, King Britt and Joris Voorn. She released her debut album 'Heartbeat' on the infamous German label Plastic City in 2012 showing her versatility as an artist and producer, taking the listener on a sophisticated journey through down-tempo soul infused electronic songs, deep house, minimal, tech-house and techno. With befriended Swedish DJ/producer Cari Lekebusch she initiated a musical project that creates a fine fusion between the darker sounds of Techno and the soulful sweetness of Deep-House. Their 'Good Love Sweet Love' EP on German label Kling Klong, got amazing feedback and reached the Deep-House, Tech-House and Techno charts on Beatport and follow-up EP's 'Crazy' on Monique Musique and 'Fly' on Tulipa Records were played out on festivals by Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer. Aside from producing her own music, Zoe Xenia has lent her distinct vocals to various other productions. She worked together with Mathias Kaden on the track 'Soulmakers' for his album 'Energetic' on Freude Am Tanzen, Pacha Recordings invited her to come to Ibiza and record vocals for global all star producer Richard Grey. She did vocals for 'Matters of the Heart' for Tigerskin which was released on Steve Bug's Dessous Recordings, sang for Karada and Pedro Mercado for Rainer Weichhold's Gold Records and was approached by Kosmo Records to write vocals for the new mixes of BBE's huge dance-hit '7 days and one week'. She also appeared in the promotional video, which was recorded in Berlin at the old Tempelhof airport and it's secret and legendary tunnels! With her productions, soulful voice, powerful sets and energetic performance Zoe Xenia weaves together a hypnotic, ecstatic experience for the listener and dancing crowd. "Music is an exchange of energy that dissolves boundaries and becomes a universal language, it's the most fantastic tool for me to express myself and to communicate straight to the hearts of other people."

    Selected discography

    - Playback / Meltdown EP by Zoë Xenia and Cari Lekebusch / Tulipa (2017) - Masterplan/Sweet Music EP by Zoe Xenia / Jack-It (2017) - Soulmakers by Matthias Kaden feat. Zoe Xenia / Freude Am Tanzen (2015/2016) - Fly EP by Zoë Xenia and Cari Lekebusch / Tulipa (2014) - Crazy EP by Zoë Xenia and Cari Lekebusch / Monique Musique (2014) - Good Love Sweet Love EP by Zoë Xenia and Cari Lekebusch / Kling Klong Records (2013) - Heartbeat / debut album by Zoë Xenia / Plastic City (2012) - Take A Chance EP by Zoë Xenia / Plastic City Records (2012) - You Got Me Started EP by Zoë Xenia / Suara Records (2011) - In Your Soul EP by Zoë Xenia / BassCulture Records (2010) - Uncovered EP by Zoë Xenia / Connaisseur Recordings (2008)