Ziv Avriel



  • The man Behind Defuse Records, A Dj, Producer & Music lover
    Ziv has been dj’ing since the early 90’s; in 1996 he left for Amsterdam to experience The European music scene. In Amsterdam he discovered the sound of techno with dj's like: Sven-Vath, Jeff-Mills and others who influenced him. It took a few months till he shaped his set and started to play everywhere he could (from the Fun-Factory to various venues in Amsterdam). Ziv's musical style can be describe as Groovy Tribal Techno. In 1999 Ziv started producing with dj Diablo from the Netherlands, and they are still working on joint material. Some is appearing on defuse records 1St. Album “Fusion Vol.1" At the same year (1999) he got his Sunday nights' residency "Underground Heaven" in the famous club "Mazzo" (Amsterdam). where he played with some of the most famous dj’s in the world. Like: Rush, Misjah, Valentino Kanziyani, Jerome, jp, Shinedoe, Estroe, T-Quest, Poul Jay, Alan Inferno, Steve Rachmad, Carlijn, Cellie , Thomas Schumacher, Joel Mull, Damon Wild, Commander Tom, Kazu Kimura. His abilities brought him to play in such diverse locations as: South-Africa, Slovenia, Nederlands, Ibiza & Canada. During 2000-2001, Ziv was working in the famous "Groove Connection" record shop, which was voted as the best record shop in Amsterdam that year. In 2005 he became a partner in the “Groove Connection" and continued to work on his music. These days Ziv is busy on production and on bringing his sound to the audience Out there.

    Selected discography

    Fusion Vol.1 - VA - drcd001 - 2009 defuse records Lost - Digital MS - drdms001 - 2009 defuse records Zerotonine - Digital MS - drdms002 - 2010 defuse records Amnesia - Digital MS - drdms003 - 2010 defuse records Mr Tramp (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms004 - 2010 defuse records Africa - Digital MS - drdms005 - 2010 defuse records SBX020 - Digital MS - drdms006 - 2011 defuse records Amsterdam Nights - Digital MS - drdms008 - 2012 defuse records In The Name - Digital MS - drdms010 - 2012 defuse records Triggerfish - Digital MS - drdms011 -2013 defuse records Panthera Leo - Digital MS - drdms013 - 2013 defuse records Aztec (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms014 - 2013 defuse records Perturbator (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms015 - 2013 defuse records Clap Clap Clap (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms016 - 2014 defuse records Saving It - Digital MS - drdms017 - 2014 defuse records SherManic (Remix) - Digital MS - drdms018 - 2014 defuse records Sequences - Digital MS - drdms020 - 2014 defuse records Rhythm Train - Digital MS - drdms022 - 2015 defuse records Ballroom on Fire - Digital MS - drdms023 - 2015 defuse records Feel - Digital MS - drdms025 - 2016 defuse records Up! Part One - Digital MS - drdms026 - 2016 defuse records