• YATE aka Yaroslove & Technique
    YATE aka Yaroslove & Technique is Ukrainian duo. Their constantly evolving production has unique, delicate touch and already recognizable signature sound. By now they have a growing discography within various labels, to name a few: All Inn, Body Parts, Baile Musik, Cooltool, Pro-Tez,Project London Records, Propaganda and the list goes on Being an integral part of wide known Feeleed community in Ukraine, as well as holding residency at Ostrov Festival, they can be also spotted at Moscow’s Arma17 or Sunwaves in Romania. Yate's sound represents deep and exciting journey through the rich palette of techno music

    Selected discography

    Monkey Fish – MORNIN-Yate remix (ZVINYL001) V/A - Feeleed /All inn black (AIBLACK016-6) V/A - Topography /Body Parts Records (BPV008) Yate ‎– Beautiful People /Propaganda Records (PR001) Kash & Yate - REDRUM MURDER / DOIN RIGHT(Project London Records / PLR04) Doyeq -WITHOUT MUSIC EP - Yate remix - Pro-Tez 027 Technique&Yaroslove - Southwater - Cooltool Records / ctl001 Klartraum -Kazandub – Yate remix /Lucidflow Kecune-Yate remix- /Body Parts Records In doi –Yate edit / Body Parts Records Ja.sha – Once upon a love gear – Yate remix / Body Parts Records Technique & Yaroslove – Check you attitude/ Pro-tez Technique & Yaroslove – Velo City/ Pro-tez Technique & Yaroslove – Syndrome EP / Baile Musik Technique & Yaroslove - Chi Loft EP / Baile Musik Technique & Yaroslove – Fairchild EP /Subself Records Playone,Zelda – Augen EP(Technique&Yaroslove rmx) / High-Jack records