Xavier De Enciso



  • A longtime fixture of LA’s electronic music scene, Xavier De Enciso has DJed at and promoted parties of all sizes, from lofts to sports arenas and everything in between, playing with legends of dance music. He is currently the resident and architect of..
    Xavier has been part of the Los Angeles underground electronic music scene since 1991. Most of his DJ adventures have taken place in warehouses, alleys, empty parking lots, desserts, forests, abandoned buildings and in massive venues like, Clubs, Sports Arenas and Convention Centers. As a DJ, Xavier has performed along side international DJS: Onionz, DJ IZ, Micro, Joey Beltram, DJ Dan, Barry Weaver, Sandra Collins, Christopher Lawrence, Steve Loria, Ron D Core, Simply Jeff, Donald Glaude, Jason Bentley, Thee-o, Jamie Thiness, DJ Hyperactive, Wally Callerio, Frankie Bones, Jeno, Garth, Juan Atkins, Julius Papp, Westbam, LTJ Bukem, Keoki, and Vapour Space, just to name a few. As a promoter Xavier has produced some of L.A.'s early infamous raves. Like; Ravecycle 1992, the Opium parties, from 1994-1998. Weeble World, 1996,'97. He's also produced underground house music events under "Citrusoul" with top DJs grazing the decks from 1998-2000. In 2004 he produced "One Night Stand" and headlined with DJs IZ and Diz. Having a long history with electronic dance music, Xavier's musical style has evolved form acid house to techno, to deep/dub now merging all styles and maintaining that underground sound that has characterized his sets. Known for his programing and seamless mixing skills he has been fortunate to take his style of music to other cities around the U.S and abroad. Most notably, San Francisco., San Diego, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Vancouver B.C, Tijuana, Guadaljara MX, and others. In 2004 Xavier redirected his focus to university life and earned his BA 2006 in Chicano Studies at Cal Sate University Northridge. He continued his academic track and since contributed to L.A.s underground scene by writing his Masters thesis in 2009 on Los Angeles rave DJ culture of the 1990s from a Chicano perspective. In 2009 Xavier came out of his self imposed academic hiatus and produced LOVE FIX, an underground event where both techno and house music DJs are able to explore these styles freely. It was also after his hiatus that Xavier added his last name to his Dj name: Xavier De Enciso. For Xavier Vinyl or Digital, there are no limits... Xavier is also in the production phase of a documentary on L.A.s infamous early rave culture. He's also gearing for a return to form with his own music productions, new mixes and events for 2011 and beyond.