Wild Dark



  • Combining elements of house, techno, electronica and everything in between to create a truly fresh take on modern dance music.
    Introducing : Wild Dark Stemming from a partnership with over two decades of DJ experience behind them, Wild Dark takes on contemporary song-writing and gives it a unique, thoughtful approach using a wide spectrum of electronic music to tell a story. The duo, comprised of the NYC based brothers Corey & Ryan Negrin, stray from cold digital samples in favor of a warm, organic approach to writing music. This allows them to merge house, techno, and natural vocal work into a cohesive concept that uses soulful yet charming songwriting to nurture a sophisticated palate. Before perfecting their impressive music production skills, the brothers had a long history of DJing at the finest clubs in their hometown NYC and beyond, setting them up for an explosive career with releases on Supernature / Flying Circus / trueColors / Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings / Akbal Music / Nazca Records / The Gardens of Babylon Records / Anjunadeep / Magician on Duty / Underyourskin Records / Suruba X / Happy Camper Records / Words Not Enough / L'enfant Terrible Records / Where The Heart Is - NY / Eyedyllic Music, along with with performances at notable events such as The Robot Heart Bus at Burning Man, Bedouin’s Saga in Ibiza, SXM Festival in Saint Martin, The Monastery Festival in Goch, Germany and the notorious City of Gods Halloween bacchanal in Brooklyn, NY. This combination of a deep understanding of what it takes to move a dancefloor and the ability to produce unique, emotional, thoughtful and dancefloor-oriented music have given Wild Dark the perfect storm to fulfill their destiny as one of the premier emerging electronic acts in the world. From darkness, beauty rises. Promos: [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] Worldwide Bookings: The Altitude Agency [email protected] [email protected] NA/SA/Mexico/Canada [email protected] NY Management: Bespoke Musik [email protected] www.wilddarkmusic.com www.facebook.com/WildDarkMusic www.soundcloud.com/wilddark Frisky Radio / Frisky Deep Top 3 Rated Shows/Artist on Frisky Deep Radio Show Host "Into The Madlands" www.friskyradio.com/show/into_the_madlands

    Selected discography

    Labels: Flying Circus Supernature Akbal Music Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings The Gardens of Babylon trueColors Anjunadeep Nazca Records Underyourskin Records Magician on Duty Suruba X Happy Camper Records L'enfant Terrible Records Words Not Enough Eyedyllic Music