Wasted Ruffians



  • When you see the two Berliners behind the decks you can really feel their full commitment and their passion for music, alongside partying to it! Their sets are characterized by a deep and groovy house sound with lots of rousing varieties based on the..
    The two artists, Robert and Sven, have a real passion for making music, alongside to partying to it. This shared affection caused the formation of the Wasted Ruffians in November 2009. Since then they gained popularity, particularly as Resident-DJs within the Berlin club scene, where their talents took off primarily at a party series called Ex!t. Their on House-style based sets, accompanied by many other musical influences, did not only lead through the Berlin club scene, they also paved the way for many festivals e.g. Melt!, Feel Festival or Aerophilia and many international gigs (e.g. Social Club (Paris), 1500m² (Warschau) oder Balz (Basel)) Since spring 2014, the duo stopped delivering their typical, diverse, yet extremely danceable sets and started a new chapter with contributing their own productions. The first production “Work it” plays within their musical roots that can be easily spotted by the guitars and the vocals from the performer Missy Elliot. This example specifically shows their very own characteristic, their catchy dynamic. This release, which was available as a free download, received a lot of positive feedback inter alia from Local Suicide, Trndmusik.de and Wohlwill.de. The second published track, "Monday Night" was released in October 2014 as part of the 5-Year compilation of the renowned Berlin club "Ritter Butzke" next to tracks from Mario Aureo, Kuriose Naturale, Marc Poppcke, Bela Brandes and Patryk Molinari. Plenty support was given by Claptone and Kevin Over, as well as becoming the trailer anthem for the Feel Festival 2015.