Violent Blondes



  • Founders of Civil Disobedience Records.
    Our friendship is the core of everything we do, everything we create, and it ignites a synergy that has come to define us. We met at school when we were 11 years old. Our introduction to techno and raving came years later and by that point we knew we wanted to create so many things together. It started with throwing parties in 2012 which transformed into DJing and then into making music. London is our home and the leading backdrop to our lives so naturally there are influences, very specific to London, evident in our own productions. Our pasts run so deep into London it’s almost impossible not to relate the ideas we have back to the city in some way or another. When we started to produce our own music we also decided to build our own label to act as a direct reference point for our developing sound and to attract similar-minded talent to form a family-type collective working towards the same goals. There is nothing more satisfying than working with artists who share the same values as us: who are fighting for their freedom of expression and absolute equality in music. It is these two fights – for freedom of expression and for absolute equality amongst artists – that instil the definitive fire in us and are what we will never stop fighting for. We want the releases on Civil Disobedience to illuminate issues and themes in society by artists who are living them, who have experienced them first hand, which is what makes what they have to say through the music so relevant. Not every release will focus on an issue, sometimes the releases will simply be stories, personal to the artists of course, as for us there is nothing more affecting than that of a true story. Civil Disobedience Records is our biggest experiment and statement yet. As artists, we have a responsibility to culture. And the two of us are on an exceptionally personal mission to affect culture in an authentic and worthwhile way.

    Selected discography

    Queen Of Bethnal Green [Civil Disobedience Records] Entertaining The London Bubble [Civil Disobedience Records]
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