• Vania is Tiberiu Jakab. Tiberiu Jakab is born in 1982 as part of a generation too young to fully comprehend the communist age, but one of the last to acknowledge it. Vania is born in 1995 out of passion and devoid of purpose. Purpose adds itself…
    The initial love for music led to obsession and, eventually, DJ-ing. He started at high school parties, but his first contact with professional equipment was in 2001. Several small parties followed. Vania is against monotony and loves sets that are positive and dynamic. The location, the public, the sound system and the line-up are the major elements that influence the DJ set and he likes to adjust his style accordingly, within the rather large boundaries of the music he appreciates. Musical influences vary from The Beatles to Laurent Garnier, from classical to techno or IDM, but as a DJ he tries to sustain a strong rhythm and is never satisfied with a static audience. The Romanian musical scene had been flat for years, but it started to open up to different styles and sounds in the past years and is now seeing much improvement, both to the mainstream and to the underground scene. 2007 finds Vania as DJ resident for “The Mission” Bucharest and Studio Martin, a well known club in Bucharest. Awards the Romanian club music awards, placed Vania the 5th DJ of the year for 2005 and 2006, and the 2nd best ascension in 2005. He was also a writer for magazine, and is currently writing Contur for Clubbing Mag, V-Factor for and a technical info box for FHM. He does artist, party, EP and album reviews, but also literary and editorial works, and through which he had the chance of interviewing legends like Derrick May and other artists like Marco V, Krafty Kuts, Luciano, Thomas Melchior, Magda, Apparat or Marco Carola. He produces alongside Andrei Ioncica and they have started the Vania & Midy project. Vania & Midy tracks were played or supported by artists like Marco G, Magda or Fergie. The first three EPs, Friction Addiction EP, Endorse EP and ISO Dolls EP have been released on groove++ recordings and you may find them as digital releases on

    Selected discography

    Vania & Midy - Endorse EP [groove++ recordings] - 2006 Vania & Midy - Friction Addiction EP [groove++ recordings] - 2006 Vania & Midy - Iso Dolls EP - [groove++ recordings]2007 Vania & Midy - Rebirth - [baroque Records] - 2008