Vander (DR)



  • The white sand beaches and soft Caribbean breeze of VANDER's native Dominican Republic couldn't compel him, like so many before him, to settle and stay put, whilst his undying thirst for exploration led him to embark on a worldwide journey at a young age.
    The eclectic collection of knowledge and memories from different cultures and walks of life, carefully built throughout his young but dense life experience, had a profound influence in his musical paradigm. A result of his inclination towards spirituality, his sound promotes wisdom, human connection, and introspection. All of this, when colorfully combined with his Latin musical influences and his evident skin pigmentation endemic of his exotic home, resulting in a rhythm he accurately describes as "mambo". VANDER has been taking everyone by storm with his energetic sets and unique charisma using his music to spread love and inspiration to those who listen and even those who don't. He is established as one of the resident DJs of The Gardens of Babylon and, as a music producer, VANDER has been rising incredibly by releasing on major record labels and charting consistently. He has released under the imprints of the legendary Stil Vor Talent, LNDKHN, Klassified, Souq Records, Art Vibes and his own record label Crossings. His talents have propelled him into some of the most relevant festivals around the world such as Untold Festival, The Monastery Festival, Pleinvrees Festival, among others. He's currently touring around the world and constantly innovating his sets with his hybrid modality.