Vale Colvin



  • VALE COLVIN, Chilean- Berlin Based artist .
    From Minimal to Techno, Deep, Dub & House. Conscious about the importance of feeling the music and the audience. Valentina Colvin has been involved in the electronic music scene since 2004, when she started participating in electronic music events in her home town: Concepcion, Chile. Since then, she fell deeply in love with electronic music and vinyls, and very fast became an important female unit in the Chilean electronic music scene. Around 2006, she started to play at local parties and clubs. Not long after, she took it more seriously and achieved her place in Santiago's underground scene, becoming a part of the collective, known mainly through important names such us Umho, Jakco Mosqueira, Dani Casarano and Felipe Valenzuela. Between 2010-2011, moved by her curiosity and constant motivation, she traveled to Europe for summer seasons, always looking forward to new influences, possibility to buy records, listen and learn more about the music industry. And that is how she met her actual music Family and started to play at small clubs and parties in Ibiza and Berlin. There was so much going on that she decided to stay. After 2 years of learning and growing she became a part of the NEXT WAVE Parties and Booking (NEXT AM) in Europe. With them she had the opportunity to play in different countries with Djs like Praslea and Valentino Kanzyani. In the meantime she got a monthly residence at the important CLUB DER VISIONÄRE. Nowadays, apart from playing, she is continuously learning on the main Berlin Dance floors, searching for her own sound, collecting records and starting to explore the music production. VALE always tries to maintain her connection with her roots through Cigarra, promoting quality music through vinyl and every year returning back to the Chilean summer to play for the main parties and Clubs in her country: CABARET ,SAFARI, SUNDECK, CASA DE SALUD and others.