• Urenga is the braichild of hungarian musician Andras Kiss. Urenga focuses more on the nature aspect of the compositions melding enviromental themes and concerns with the musical genres of dub, techno and ambient.

    Selected discography

    Discography: Urenga - Tidal Wave (Load and Clear) 2010 Urenga - Eclipse Seamount (Stasis Recordings) 2011 Urenga - Seafloor (Entropy Records) 2011 Urenga - Oneata (Remixes) (Load and Clear) 2011 Vibrant Lights (Koojina) 2012 Floating Island (Stasis Recordings) 2012 After Rain (Gterma) 2012 Compilations: Our Ambient Collection (Stasis Recordings) 2010 VA Censored 01 [CP 14] 2011 Biology 01 (Biorecordings) The resistance of Aguilar Part II. (Entropy Records) 2011 Opium Vol 2. (Avantroots) 2012