• Belfast duo ubblahkan forge solid house music, shot through with deep veins of techno and disco and have been on a steady rise since their reformation in 2018.
    Their most recent release, The Foundation EP, was released on Seven Music in March, thundering into Beatport’s House and Deep House chart’s release top ten. With “First Light” rising to number seven in Beatport’s Best New Deep House chart for March 2019. Lead track “Backstabber”, from the same release, debuted on the notorious Eton Messy’s YouTube channel to rave reviews. The success of Foundation EP is just the latest peak in a stellar career that has featured their regular radio show and residencies in Ibiza, London, Dublin and Belfast. They’ve played iconic events, festivals and venues such as DO NOT SLEEP, Viva Warriors, Sundays at Space, Café del Mar and Café Mambo. With a solid back catalogue, each one a compendium of hypnotic beats and lush grooves. That trend is continued with their latest release The Temujin EP on Bass Hit Dub, featuring a horde of sound in three fresh unreleased tracks – Timujin, Maga Sar and Hotula. - www.ubblahkan.com - www.facebook.com/ubblahkan - www.residentadvisor.net/dj/ubblahkan - www.instagram.com/ubblahkan/ - @ubblahkan - [email protected]

    Selected discography

    > ubblahkan - Odyssey > ubblahkan - Ego Train > ubblahkan - Timujin > ubblahkan - Hotual > ubblahkan - Maga Sar > ubblahkan - Feeling Allright > ubblahkan - Backstabber > ubblahkan - First Light > Richie Blacker - Crayon Muncher (ubblahkan Crayhole Remix) > Warriors of the Dystotheque - Just Breathe Feat. Bella Deanie (ubblahkan Remix) > ubblahkan - On My Mind (Shock Rock Beats Mix) > ubblahkan - On My Mind (Blaze One Up In The Sun Mix)