• One of the most influential and best-selling dance-acts of the 90s, with over 15 million records sold worldwide return as a live outfit/ DJ Set for the first time ever.
    U96`story began in 1992, when their first single "Das Boot", which was only released as a Club version (no Radio Edit), topped the german and many other european charts and sold far more than 2 million copies. It reached Gold and Platinum status in Germany, Finland,Sweden, Norway, France and several other territories. The first album, also entitled "Das Boot" also reached Gold status and many of the following 12 singles reached a Top 10 position also. ( Love sees no colour, Love Religion, Heaven,I wanna be a Kennedy etc.) The success of U96 went on until 2001 when they decided to split up. Alex Christensen released 2 more singles on his own under the name U96, but they did not match the Record company`s expectations in sales. There was a long gap with no releases until the former Members, Producers and Songwriters of U96 Ingo Hauss and Hayo Lewerentz decided to bring the project back to life, this time as a full live act. They released an upfront EP called "The Dark Matter EP" with 6 tracks in 2016 and decided to return to their musical roots, which is Club orientated Dance Music.They did a few Test -Shows in Finland and Russia and now finished their brandnew album "Reboot" which will be released worldwide on June 29th 2018. A first single from that album was being released on their new label imprint UNLTD Recordings and it is a new mix of their biggest hit "Das Boot" followed by the tracks "Monkeys", "Losing our time" and "Angels" which will be released on June 15th 2018. (all on UNLTD Recordings) Tracks on their new album include collaborations with iconic artists such as former Kraftwerk Member WOLFGANG FLÜR and Techno-Legend ADAMSKI, but also new artists like the 21-year-old irish singer Amy Fasola.

    Selected discography

    Tracks: Das Boot, Love sees no colour,I wanna be a Kennedy, Inside your dreams,Night in Motion, Movin`,Club Bizarre, Love Religion, Heaven,Dark Matter, Human Cosmic,Planet Earth, Das Boot 2017, Monkeys, Losing our time and Angels. Albums: - Das Boot - Replugged - Club Bizarre - Heaven - Dark Matter EP - Reboot (June 29th 2018)