• The feet and brain. Schizoclub The sessions of Tutu are odes to life, between pure adrenaline and the most genuine curiosity.
    Like windows that open to horizons both near and far, her sets run through the landscape with the same intensity that she lives other creative facets of her life. More than just a possible classification of styles – that range from bass house to cosmic trance, abstract grime, schizophrenic tribalism, acid techno and various experiments – Tutu on the decks can go from underground dance to the most experimental sounds, which direct the feet and brain to maintain the brain occupied and sensations that run skin deep. Music is music and for her genres mean nothing, it is all about ‘feeling’ each selected piece of music. Gemma Planell has performed under the Tutu pseudonym for a number of years, always displaying exquisite taste and personality, with her DJ sets putting into practice her idea of story ​​telling. Preferring to remain out the spotlight and away from media attention, she has, step by step, forged a personal style heard in several clubs and festivals, with online recordings of sets and sessions for radios and magazines that demonstrate her unique talents. A recent example was her contribution to the Female Pressure series, with a mix for which she only included tracks produced by women. soundcloud.com/tutumusique senzubeans.org

    Selected discography

    BUFFER OVERFLOW, NTS Radio https://www.nts.live/shows/shape/episodes/shape-w-tutu-2nd-june-2018 RUN https://soundcloud.com/bytheinch/inchmix038-tutu-run SOUNDS OF SONAR '17 https://sonar.es/en/2017/artists/tutu THE LOFT http://www.tiumag.com/news/tutu-comparte-ultima-sesion-the-loft/ FESTIVAL L'ESTRANY http://www.tiumag.com/features/interviews/tutu-nos-comparte-su-bolo-sideral-del-estrany/ LAPSUS http://www.ohm-mag.com/in-the-mix/mix21-tutu/ UNDER THE RADAR http://www.clubbingspain.com/podcast/2014/under-the-radar-060-tutu.html