• At the first blush it becomes obvious....
    ... Robert Galic (alias Edgar Peng aka RAS) and Tim Brüggemann (alias Didier de la Boutique) are deeply rooted in Funk & Soul, Jazz and Afro Beat, in general the whole topic of Black Music played an important role in their musical imprint. Their musical taste, background and not at least their individual vinyl collection made them stick together as a DJ and producer team. In 2001, they met first time behind the turntables. Robert just had left London to settle down in Berlin, attracted by Jazzanova, to release his world wide appreciated album "Rhythmic Altered State" on Sonar Kollektiv. To this point of time, Tim was already involved into the colorful Rare Funk scene of Berlin. Beside this facts, both have been inspired by Berlin’s great output of electronic music. For a musical medium in Berlin, this sound and movement could not have been ignored. Once in the studio, having put together their understanding of rhythm and dance and contemporary electronic music, their own sound of a fresh and funky Tech-House was born and got the name “Turmspringer”. Now, since 2004 the producer and DJ team is strongly associated with the underground of Berlin’s Techno and House scene. By the last years they passed through an authentic development and captured this unique night scene peace by peace. Their impulsive and colored sound and their invective positive energy behind the decks and instruments, made them swap quickly from an insider tip to one of Berlin’s most wanted DJs and electronic live acts. This high profile made them get in touch with many other creative and productive people, what lead to the founding of an own label. In 2005 Robert started “Tonkind”, where acts like Skinnerbox, Notic Nastic and of course Turmspringer themselves had their first release debut. Meanwhile the label hold a colorful release catalog with other well known acts like Kotelett & Zadak, Nico Stojan, Alexkid or Philip Bader and many others. The regular circulating label nights and off parties provides not only Tonkind acts to show up but also keep the network with other labels in flow. Collaborations with Bar 25, Katerholzig or Berlin’s underground queen Bachstelzen are agenda for them. Although Turmspringer have been playing in several big clubs in Europe, they never missed to come back to their mother’s kitchen to please Berlin’s spoiled and electrifying audience. Here they still attend their one-of a-kind industrial backyard parties and Berlin’s most wanted after-hours. Last but not least their releases on Get Physical, Eminor, Doxa, Klasse Recordings and of course Tonkind shows their ability and flexibility as producers.

    Selected discography

    Nim, (Tonkind), 2007 Nim Turmspringer 2007 J.A.B.F.L.A. RMX (Tonkind), 2007 Swag, (Doxa), 2009 Sturm und Drang (Get Physical), 2009 Painted Soul RMX (Kritik Records), 2009 Drop Out RMX (Leutral Recotdfs), 2010 Frequency (Tonkind), 2010 Coqauvin (Tonkind), 2010 Toast (Eminor), 2010 Ooh Zoot (Eminor), 2011 Prosa (Kill A Beat), 2011 Freedom (Klasse Records), 2011 Look At Me (Tonkind), 2011 What I'm Talkin About Turmspringer 2012 In Between 2 Cigarettes Turmspringer 2013 Papis Feat. Dirty Paul Turmspringer Remix 2014 Chance Turmspringer Remix 2015 Body Talk Turmspringer Remix 2016 No Doctors Original Mix Turmspringer 2016 Pleasurekraut Original Mix Turmspringer 2017 Blue Broccoli Original Mix Turmspringer 2017 Words Original Mix Turmspringer 2107 Stupid Thought Turmspringer 2017 Belleville Walk Original Mix