• Nick Brennan aka Tripswitch has established a reputation as one of the UK's foremost chillout artists under his Tripswitch moniker. His productions are renowned for their intricate detail and luxurious sense of space, attracting top reviews in the musi..
    A mainstay of the British downtempo scene for over 15 years, Tripswitch (aka Nick Brennan) achieved a worldwide reputation as a meticulous and talented producer with the release of his first album 'Circuit Breaker' on Youth's Liquid Sound Design label in 2005. With numerous high-rated reviews (including praise from Anoushka Shankar in the New York Times), BBC Radio 1 airplay, and support from the likes of Nick Warren (Global Underground / Renaissance / Balance), Jose Padilla (Cafe del Mar) and Claude Challe (Buddha Bar) - who all picked up tracks for their own compilations - this groundbreaking album is widely held up as a classic in the ambient/downtempo genre. Nick launched his own label - Section Records - in 2010 with the release of his second Tripswitch album ‘Geometry’, followed by a string of critically acclaimed singles and EPs which attracted support from the likes of Orbital, Hernan Cattaneo, Way Out West and Kasey Taylor and glowing reviews in the music press. For the next four years Nick developed the label, bringing forward other artists like Koan, Audioglider and Seamless, while becoming an in-demand remixer, supplying his treatments to tracks by The Orb, System 7, Banco De Gaia, Nick Warren, Kaya Project, Joey Fehrenbach, Abakus, High Frequency Bandwidth, Nanoplex, Ticon, Liquid Soul & Symbolic, Seb Dhajje, Matt Darey and Noir, among others. Nick has also contributed pro tips to Computer Music magazine, worked with Pioneer Pro DJ and Native Instruments, and his guest mixes have regularly featured on eclectic radio shows such as Ninja Tunes Solid Steel and The Orb’s Fnoob show. Nick’s touring schedule has become increasingly packed, racking up numerous appearances across the globe, and his sets are renowned for providing a bridge between the chillout and the dancefloor, creating the perfect blend of exquisite melody and atmosphere with hypnotic, hi-definition grooves. In early 2015, Nick locked himself away in the studio to focused on the next instalment of the Tripswitch story, resulting in a new album of deep / melodic / progressive house to be released in May 2016 on the legendary Iboga Records.

    Selected discography

    2001 Mana Medicine (Dragonfly Records) - "Shamanic Tea" 2003 Butterfly Dawn (Dragonfly Records) - "Exiled" and "Silver" 2004 Wider Horizons (Dragonfly Records) - "Silver (Ott remix)" and Ott - "Escape From Tulse Hell (Tripswitch remix)" Namaskar (Indica Music) - "Viscous" 2005 Tantra Trance (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) - Ott - "Escape From Tulse Hell (Tripswitch remix)" Circuit Breaker album (Dragonfly Records) The Dream Temple (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) - "Roll Your Own" Dissolving Clouds (Interchill) - Gaudi vs Tripswitch - "Subdown" Soul Vibration (Liquid Records) - Gaudi vs Tripswitch - "On The Edge" Chillogram (Peak Records) - "Quanta" 2006 Vajra (Indica Music) - "Cumulus" Arcana (Interchill Records) - "Calabi-Yau" New World Dub Vol 1 (System Recordings) - Gaudi vs Tripswitch - "Subdown" Claude Challe Presents: Just Good Music (Challomusic) - "Roll Your Own" New World Ambient Vol 2 (System Recordings) - "Calabi-Yau" Jose Padilla - Cafe Solo (Resist) - "Roll Your Own" The Art Of Chill 3 (Platipus) - Gaudi vs Tripswitch - "Subdown" Illuminations (Dragonfly Records) - "Collider" 2007 Nick Warren - Paris (Global Underground) - "Roll Your Own" & "Strange Parallels" System 7 - Hinotori (A-Wave) - "Moopie Love (Tripswitch Breaks mix)" Circuit Breaker Rewired album (Dragonfly Records) Devil In The Detail (Interchill) - Tripglitch - "Orgone Motor" 2008 Birth + Re-birth (Dragonfly Records) - Orchid Star - "The Heart of Ibu-At (Tripswitch remix)" Future Memories (Interchill Records) - "Lyra" Silk Pearls Vol 2 (Cocoon Recordings) - "Silver (Ott remix)" Globetronica by Pathaan (Platipus) - "Exiled (Gaudi remix)" Supperclub Beauty (United Recordings) - "Tachyon (Codemonkey's Cosmic Rumba remix)" 2009 The Orb - DDD (Dirty Disco Dub) remixes (Six Degrees) The 69 Steps Vol 4 - Reflector (Wakyo) - Tripswitch - "Cartwheel (Mirror System remix)" 2010 Mixmaker - Ketama Vol 3 (DreaMusic) - "Cumulus" High Frequency Bandwidth - Hell Fire and Brimstone (Malicious Damage) - "Happy Fucking Birthday (Tripswitch remix)" Kaya Project - Desert Phase Remixes (Interchill) - "When Only Sand Remains (Tripswitch remix)" Geometry album (Section Records) Strange Parallels (Section Records) 2011 Stereogram (left hemisphere) (Section Records) Stereogram (right hemisphere) (Section Records) Abakus - Reworks Volume II (Modus Records) - "Igmatik (Tripswitch remix)" Joey Fehrenbach - Underwander remixes (self release) - "Underwander (Tripswitch remix)" Collider remixed (Section Records) Nick Warren - Balance 018 (Balance Music) - "Collider" Indidginus vs Tripswitch - Sunrise Over Sapporo (Indidgital) 2012 Koan - Circe's Touch (Nick Brennan remix) (Section Records) Deer Par k 2012 Vol 1 (Section Records) Deer Park 2012 Vol 2 (Section Records) Cosmik Chill Yellow (Elektrik Dream) - "Spiral" Mizoo - Greenosophy (Ultimae Records) - "Subzero" Raphael Marionneau - Le Café Abstrait Vol 9 (Stereo Deluxe) - "Floating Point" Everlasting - compiled and mixed by Gaudi (Iboga) - "Squeeze Theorem" Masters Series - Nick Warren (Renaissance) = "Still Seas" & "Sick Teckers" 2013 Miss Butterfly - Rise of the Butterflies (Plusquam) - "Bones" Kaya Project - The Elixir Remixes (Interchill) - "65 Percent - Tripswitch's The Other 35 remix)" Adham Shaikh - Refractions Vol 2 (Sonicturtle Records) - "Rug Rippin (Tripswitch remix)" Seamless - Castle In The Sky (Nick Brennan remix) - Section Records Molefonk - We Are One (Nick Brennan remix) - Section Records Banco De Gaia - Acquiescence (Tripswitch remix) - Disco Gecko Ticon remixed (Iboga) - "1987 (Tripswitch remix)" Supercozi – Mutantribe (Iboga) – “Under The Influence” Nick Warren – Masters Series (Renaissance) – “Still Seas” & “Sick Teckers” Symbolic – Sacred Circuits Vol 1 (Sourcecode) - Liquid Soul & Symbolic – “Different Reality (Tripswitch Remix)” Race To Space – Baikal (Tripswitch Space Remix) (Ketama) 2014 Nanoplex vs Tripswitch – Binary Awakening (Flow) Tripswitch – Propulsion EP (Section Records) Noir – Timephase (Nick Brennan Remix) (Metropolis) Seb Dhajje – Fifth Season (Nick Brennan Remix) (Otrement) 2015 Aurtas – Tail Blue (Codemonkey Remix) (Section Records) Tripswitch - Unconventional (Iboga) Nanoplex – Crank (Nick Brennan Remix) (Iboga) 2016 Kaya Project – So It Was (Tribal Shift) – Drift (Tripswitch Remix) Aerodroemme – Enceladus (Tripswitch Remix) (Slideways) Radioactive Sandwich – Ex Nihilo (Tripwitch Remix) (Tech Safari) Tripswitch - Vagabond (Iboga Records) Matt Nouveau – One More Night In Stars (Tripswitch Remix)