• Truth iz Kode.
    Traxx is a lover of music — one with a passion so intense that it overcomes genre divides to weave an altogether original, exciting, and multi-textured musical fabric which envelops both the avid clubber and the home listener, as well as everyone in between. Not content to be labeled as merely a DJ, a producer, or even a DJ/Producer, Traxx is a self-described “artist of sound.” A sound that is distinctive and highly emotional which defies classification and invites analysis and discussion. From eclectic and avant-garde tunes to old school jack tracks and far beyond, Traxx hears it all without discrimination, pretension or elitism. Traxx has released music on numerous underground labels in the US and Europe including Gigolo, Relief, Muzique, M/O/S, and Crème. His music has come to the world under a bucket load of alias' including Dirty Criminals, XX Art, Mysterio, ViLLan X, Saturn V(with Tadd Mullinix), X2, and more. He's also collaborated with the heads of underground to shape his unique definition of Jakbeat that's was created amongst JTC and D'Marc Cantu in the early years between 2005- 2007. In addition to releasing music for other imprints Traxx also started his own label Nation in April of 2007 which has allowed him to develop and recontextualize the various aspects of his sound. In 2009 Traxx stepped out into the light with his first full length 'Faith' album under his own name for his Chicago based imprint Nation which received positive response and feedback from around the globe. Like many in Chicago, Traxx was drawn into house music through the legendary WBMX radio shows and two trips to see Ron Hardy at the legendary Music Box. Describing his first experience with house, Traxx recalls "nothing could compare, things were being discovered.. this period stays with me because of the intense energy that was applied - it's a feeling, an emotion, a mental state of transcendental connection -a spiritual force with the higher being through the physical vessel of the body." His first release appeared on DJ Hell's Gigolo label in the early 00's under the collective alias The Dirty Criminals which was a Chicago based collective that featured mainly the work of working with collaborators like Charles Manier, Mystic Bill Torres, Daryl 'Deecoy' Cura, Brendan M. Gillen, Matt Nee(Kompute), Josh Werner, Stephen Hitchell plus early on work from Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being. In addition to a number of 12"s Dirty Criminals released, two albums were very well received in Europe - 2004's "Organized Confuzion" and 2006's Collision Between Us And The Damned" which featured a cover of an early unreleased version of "Acid Tracks" by Phuture that was played around Chicago. Traxx also contributed vocals to the track "Let No Man Jack" on Hell's "NY Muscle" album on Gigolo but it's perhaps on his many mysterious 12"s that Traxx has set the ground work for in the last seven years where there's been a constant stream of them burning up dance floors with the new sound of Jakbeat that's shaping the scene by releasing an 'Adjustment Production' for Gavin Russom of DFA's LCD Soundsystem from 1 of his current alias projects as Mutant Beat Dance for a sombre tingling cosmic, deep disco brilliance concept, and also releasing with New York label Rong Records with another excellent 2 track release of 'Another World/New News Is Old News' to releasing a stunning solo project on MOS Deep Under The Poetic Painter M pseudonym, with a frenetic yet hypnotizing house track that echoes memories of downpitched Newbeat material and the hooky coldness of new age, following thru with incredible support and feedback in 2012 then again with another solid production from analog machinists Traxx and Wanzer for another Mutant Beat Dance release for the Rush Hour label with 'Let Me Go' featurinf naughty Wood on vocals that have said that they produced arguably 'the best 80s Chicago house record NOT made in the 80s. -inspired by the early days of house music- In an age of digital perfection Traxx is analog, when he DJs he plays vinyl and when he's in the studio he uses hardware. His sound recalls the past but pushes for the future with an overtly emotional and experimental approach.

    Selected discography

    -Discography TRAXX under the names of Traxx, XxArt, X2, Saturn V, Mutant Beat Dance, MoMo & The Dirty Criminals: The Dirty Criminals – Are You Saved? Move! – Gigolo – 12“ – 2001 The Dirty Criminals – Organised Confusion – Gigolo – 2x12“/CD – 2004 The Dirty Criminals - Collision Between Us And The Damned – Gigolo 2x12“– 2006 Jak The Box – Kompute Musik 14 – 12“ – 2006 X2/Saturn/DMC-Primitive Cypher – Relief Records – 12“ – 2006 Traxx-Stranger In The Strangest Of Lands – Crème Organization – 12“ – 2006 Traxx-MTT Inversion – Crème Organization – 12“ – 2007 X2-Photon / Solara – M/O/S – 12“ – 2007 Saturn V-H-Sync 'The House Of Muzique' – Muzique Records – 12“ – 2006 X2-Barely A Track – Crème Jak – 12“ – 2007 Saturn V-Your Mind – Crème Jak – 2007 Mutant Beat Dance – In A Daze - Discos Capablanca 2009 JM Strap – The Owl In Daylight - Frigio 2009 Traxx –To The Beat Bizarre/An Insane Abstract Experiment – Lumberjacks In Hell – 2011 Traxx,JTC,D'Marc Cantu – Definition Of Jak Definition Of Hope – Lux Records 2011 The Poetic Painter M – Marie's Transendance – MOS Deep 2011 Mutant Beat Dance – Another World/New News Is Old News – Rong Music 2011 Traxx – Gold (One Blonde Strange Idea) – RVNG International 2012 Mutant Beat Dance – Let Me Go Feat.Naughty Wood/ Rottonfunk – Rush Hour 2012 VILLan X / dcantu – Disparate Implementations – Sequencias – 2012 Mutant Beat Dance- Urban Dust/Sketch III- L.I.E.S 2012 Mutant Beat Dance- Mutated Moods- Light Sounds Dark 2013 Transformation – LIES Black – 2014 Traxx/NpNk – Revenge Of The Poulet Cat – Macadam Mambo 2014 Traxx/Amir Alexander – Howard/Loyola Acid Frenzy EP – Anunnaki Cartel 2014 Musumeci – Tag Fur Tag(Traxx Tape Cut) – Mannequin 2014 Mutant Beat Dance – PolyfonikDizko – Rush Hour – 2015 Traxx/Villan X – Concept 1210 – June – 2015 Mutant Beat Dance Debut Album – S/T – Rush Hour – 2018 Traxx–Bizzarre Beat II – LIES –2020 The Jak– Dirty Blends –2020 Remixes: Orlando Voorn – Flash – Gigolo – 12“ – 2002 (with Filippo „Naughty“ Moscatello) DJ Hell – Repassion – Gigolo – 12“ – 1999 – (with Deecoy) Ron Hardy – Acid Edit – Illinois Illuminated – Antenna International Mutant Beat Dance - The Adjustment of Night Sky for Gavin Russom- DFA 2011 Blondes – Gold(One Blonde Strange Idea) – RVNG International 2012 YSS - Descend - Traxx remix – Under Bron 2013 Appears as vocalist on: Let No Man Jack (on DJ Hell's NY Muscle album) – Gigolo – 3x12“/CD – 2003 Let No Man Jack – Gigolo – 12“ – 2005 Let No Man Jack (Abe Duque Remix) – Größenwahn 1992-2005 / Monotoni Durch Automation (NY Muscle Interpretationen – Gigolo – 2xCD – 2005 Compilation Appearances on: A Tribute To Robert Moog – Crème Organization – CD – 2006 International DeeJay Gigolos CD 9 – Gigolo – 2xCD – 2006 International DeeJay Gigolos CD 7 – Gigolo – 2xCD – 2003 International DeeJay Gigolos CD 4 – Gigolo – 2xCD – 2000 International DeeJay Gigolos CD 5 – Gigolo – 2xCD – 2000 The Japanese Gigolo Inferno – 2xCD – Music Mine Inc. – 2003 The Box Collection #1 – 5xCD – Gigolo – 2005 Funboy 3 – 12“ – Gigolo – 2006 We Are Gigolo 12“ Showcase No. 8 – Gigolo – 2006 American Gigolo II – CD – Gigolo – 2006 City To City 3 Dj Deep's Journey Through Chicago, Detroit and New York's Secret House Gems - BBE - 2010 Light Sounds Dark- Ideas Of Reference And The Luna Sea - 1 sided 12" M.o.M.o- High Voltage Re-Enactment (M.O.M.O Cut + Re Designed It) - 2015 -Nation Release Catalog Discography: Nation 001 - Traxx/X2- Mysterio/Juz Jak Nation 002 - Villan X ft. Naughty Wood/2AM/FM - Heartbeat Crazy/Don't Front Nation 003 - XXart/X2 - This Moment/House Not House Nation 004 - Beta Evers - Transient - Paralyzed/Foreign Control/Prisoner Of Mind Nation 005 - The Modern Electronic Element EP(Serie 1) - Saturn V - Locomotion D'Marc Cantu - In A Time/Beau Wanzer - Fuk u Klaxons Nation 006 - Prototype Substance EP - Villan X Feat.Naughty Wood+ Jonny Quest - Sikk Truth/JTC Feat.Rodger Devine -The Monolith Nation 007- Traxx - Faith - Double Vinyl/CD Album Nation 008- Future Elektronix EP - D'Marc Cantu - It's My Body/ The Maniacs - Luv Eternal Nation 009- Rhythm Relics EP - Saturn V - The Fresh Heir/ X2 - Modem Nation 010- J.T.C. - Creep Acid Double Vinyl Album Nation 011- The Modern Electronic Element Serie 2 Compilation Nation 012- Nancy Fortune- Remain Human Album Nation 013- Charles Manier- Charles Manier Album Nation 014- Red Light- 7" Nation 015- Beau Wanzer 'Power Outage' 10" Nation 16.1- The Doomsday Initiative Part 1(2AMFM) Nation 16.2- The Doomsday Initiative Part 2(Two Dogs In A House) Nation 17- The Modern Electronic Element Serie 3 Compilation Nation 18- The Xecond Xoming Of Black Meteoric Star Kode 1- Charles Manier- 12" Kode 2- D'Marc Cantu / Black Meteoric Star- Split Concept Kode 3- D'Marc Cantu- Homefront I Kode 5- Transformation / Beau Wanzer- Kozmik/Orbit ‎ Kode 7- EchoDroides- Glowing In The Dark