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  • T. Raumschmiere is Marco Haas, born in Heidelburg, Germany in 1975
    T. Raumschmiere is Marco Haas, born in Heidelburg, Germany in 1975 Industrial, punk rock and hardcore gave Marco Haas (aka T.Raumschmiere) his first musical direction. In the early '90s, Marco drummed with the hardcore band Zorn (translation: anger), performing more than 300 shows around Europe and releasing two albums on Maximum Voice Records (Leipzig). In 1997 Marco won a contest with his rock band Stormbow, which financed the making of their debut record. William S. Burroughs died in the same year and gave Marco his solo moniker for electronic music, T.Raumschmiere. The name is a cut-up from the title of the short story "Die Traumschmiere" (translation: The Dream Cops) by Burroughs. The German title unfolds several different connotations: TRAUM = dream, subconscious etc., RAUM = room, space, venue etc., SCHMIERE = grease, lubricant, smear, spread (but also slang for police). In 2000, the first T. Raumschmiere records were released. Cologne based label Kompakt released the 12" Boltzplatz ("gnarz-shockers from hell") and Sender Records from Berlin put out Himmel uber Berlin. At this time, T.Raumschmiere established his minimal, funky but dirty style techno. In 2001, the Zarbitter was released on Shitkatapult and Musick on Kompakt. In 2003, T.Raumschmiere was listed as Best Live Act and Shitkatapult as Best Label in several Reader Poll Top 10s. Daniel Miller of Mute gave him a call after seeing him on stage in Berlin and offered him a record deal on novamute. The first single to be released was Monstertruckdriver and The Game Is Not Over (feat. Miss Kittin). The debut album, Radio Blackout followed, featuring a multifaceted playlist of groaning techno, snotty electro and abstract hip hop. After touring continuously since 2003, Raumschmiere tried something new. He enlisted drummer Dirk Mielenhausen and bass player Andreas Paruschke along with sound engineer Allert Aalders as his stage cover band for all live concerts and started to sing. 2004 saw the T.Raumschmiere band tour extensively all over Europe, playing festivals in Belguim, Holland, Spain and Germany. In 2005, a new album ‘Blitzrieg Pop’ was released on novamute. For the first time T.Raumschmiere performed as a singer, or in this case, a shouter.

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