Transistors Of Mercy



  • Berlins finest adult music actors: Endai Eldritch, Toby Marx, Ron Gunn, Olaf Morrison, Doktor Avalanche. electricity = power (19-Zoll Stammtisch / mdz). Improvised experimental shark wave electronica knisterhood
    Using and abusing electronic circuits, instruments or other sources of sonic pleasures: "TRANSISTORS OF MERCY ain't afraid of no errors, for the very reason that their name already buries one: Actually it should be "Transistors Of No Mercy" to live up to how uncompromisingly the transistor boys are. TOMs' unprecedented live performances don't shine at perfection but from inspiration - inspiration from improvisation. Not everyone can do so but a music collective by people building their analogue instruments on their own can... DIY is TRANSISTORS OF MERCYs' religion, ambient drone and dub scapes are the psalms." (Basteroid, Areal Records, Berlin 2011) Unrehearsed standup melodies, music made out of current and voltage. “A 9V-battery can pitch notes, cheaper than any keyboard…” (Ron, Slices DVD 4-10)

    Selected discography

    mercyful setpiece: Live 1 - 02-22-2010 (mdz) merciful rehearsal | private show - 20-07-2010 (mdz)