Toru Ikemoto



  • Toru Ikemoto is a Japanese DJ, composer and school of music "yell0w" owner. based Osaka Japan.
    2002年より音楽活動を開始し、テクノの名門レーベル Monoid RecordingsよりStart EPと002をリリースし、Hardtechno、Minimalhouseというジャンルにて可能性を発揮する。 プロダクションにおいては、世界各国のレーベルより数々のリリースを重ね、Richie Hawtin、Hito、Joseph Capriatiなどのトップクラスのアーティストのサポートを受け数々のclubで彼のTrackがプレイされる。 またコンペティションなどへも参加し、Plus Records、Cocoon Recordingsでは入賞を果たし、その功績が認められMixmagやミュージックマガジンにて期待の新人としてインタビューを受ける。 近年は海外ツアーを行う中、オーストラリア最大級strawberry fields festivalの出演も果たす。 その後自身のTechno、Houseを中心としたイベントチームSiiNEの発足や、DJ、DTMスクールyell0wを大阪心斎橋に開講し次世代のアーティストの育成にも力を入れている。 Toru Ikemoto started out his music career in 2002 and soon began releasing tracks he’d produced through techno labels such as on Monoid Recordings (Start EP002) with signature hard techno and minimal house sound. His production releases have been piling up on a number of different labels from around the world with world class DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Hito and Joseph Capriati featuring his tracks in their club and party sets. He’s also experienced success as a winner of various production competitions such as those run through Plus Records & Cocoon Records. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by music industry magazines such as Mixmag where his rising star has been recognized through a number of interviews about his work and performance. Recently, Toru toured Australia playing a number of club and party gigs and holding down a massive set at Strawberry Fields, one of Australia’s premier underground dance music festivals. Toru makes sure to stay well grounded in his roots working with “SiNE” the Osaka & Tokyo based party crew he founded to run parties and production sessions focused on the freshest sounds in Techno and House. In 2017 he founded “yell0w” his own DJ and production artist school in Shinsaibashi, Osaka where he teaches and works to develop the next generation of up and coming local electronic artists. yell0w - school of music

    Selected discography

    Toru Ikemoto discography… 2014/05/28 13earlier EP - 13earlier - Bass Works Recordings 2013/12/16 Inari - 12calm (Original Mix) - Blum Recordings 2013/10/31 Mash Remixes - Mash Bass (Toru Ikemoto Remix) - PLUS RECORDS (PLUS TOKYO) 2013/10/17 TAWARA Remixes EP - TAWARA (TORU IKEMOTO Remix) - OUTDRAW MUSIC 2013/06/06 drop drop drop - 11elegance - Mona Records 2012/12/11 4YEARS OF PLUS RECORDS - Serious Deal (Toru Ikemoto Remix) - PLUS RECORDS (PLUS TOKYO) 2012/12/07 Insomnio EP - Insomnio (Toru Ikemoto Remix) - Mona Records 2012/09/06 PAGE 9 - 9diagram,9wall,9fish,9clip - PLUS RECORDS (PLUS TOKYO) 2011/08/29 In the Middle - SERIOUS DEAL (Toru Ikemoto Remix) - PLUS RECORDS (PLUS TOKYO) 2010/12/16 IP28 6SW Part 1 - IP28 6SW (Toru Ikemoto Remix) - PLUS RECORDS (PLUS TOKYO) 2010/09/09 Oxygen - #FFFF55, #1FDFDF, #6A6A00, #595959 - DP-6 Records 2010/08/16 Varius Artists 01 - #CADFDF - Eresys Recording 2010/05/01 Rebirth - #9F3550, #8FB595, #A76D7D - Dame Records