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  • Tom Newman is a Detroit legend. Known since the early 1990's as Acid Pimp, Tom has a reputation for playing no-compromise deep underground techno. As a producer Tom was responsible for the very rare acidpimp records on Cheshire, and the industrial in..
    Tom Newman has been an integral part of Detroit's electronic music scene since the very early 1990's. While the Detroit legends of the 1980's were on tour overseas, returning home only once or twice per year, it was DJs like Tom Newman headlining the legendary underground warehouse parties that are still revered and imitated today. Taking on alias's such as Acid Pimp, and Poker, Tom is responsible for classic releases on Cheshire, early D-Records, as well as new releases on labels such as Snork Enterprises. Tom grew up surrounded by music, and as early as 6 years old, told his parents he'd rather have records than toys. Learning trumpet and guitar while still in grade school, Tom studied rock, jazz, and traditional music, but changed course when early samplers and drum machines became accessible in the 1980's. At this time Industrial music dominated the underground nightclubs, and Tom was exposed to the beginning of Detroit techno and early Chicago acid house through DJs such as Ken Collier, who's club Heaven opened at 3am, and Richie “Rich” Hawtin, who had an industrial night every Sunday at a basement club called The Shelter. By 1993 Tom had one of the most impressive collections of underground acid records in the city, and was convinced by legendary promoter Jason Huvaere of Paxahau / Movement to DJ a party with Stacey Pullen at the now legendary 1217 venue. In 1994 Tom released his first of many classic records on Cheshire under the moniker Acid Pimp, which had exclusive distribution through Dan Bell's Seventh City. By the late 1990's, Tom was headlining events every weekend across the US and Canada. It was around this time when Tom was approached by Rich Hawtin with two other close friends to form D-Records as a sub-label of M-nus, where Tom had a string of successes under the alias Poker, and a collaboration with Len Bartush on the legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre E.P. Having the opportunity to perform at Tresor Berlin in 2001, Tom became inspired to form Friction Detroit, which was the only all techno club night in Detroit. Taking place at The Works, this was Tom's first weekly residency, and hosted local and international headliners including Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, Regis; etc. Tom performed at Detroit's Movement festival in 2005, and has been working behind the scenes, managing the Main Stage at the event from 2006 until present. Tom Newman is also executive director of Detroit Techno Foundation, a nonprofit that provides Museums, Universities, and other nonprofits access to Detroit Techno artists and educational resources. Tom continues to perform and produce, releasing a 5 track EP, Dirthouse, on German label Snork Enterprises in November 2012, and having some new material on the horizon for 2013. Tom rounds out his time by building analog synthesizer modules, and developing new BBQ recipes.

    Selected discography

    Tom Newman - Dirthouse - Snork Enterprises 059 acidpimp-Just Call Me Daddy Cheshire 001 (red 7") acidpimp-Fire(In Acid) Cheshire 002 (red marble 12") Poker-Dance for Devil(17:32) D-Records 006 near complete discography including aliases