Tom Gillieron



  • An accomplished music producer, sound designer, live performer and DJ, Tom Gillieron’s body of work spans a wide variety genres including Deep House and Techno, Ambient, Experimental and Immersive Sound Design.
    Since 1997 Tom has been releasing music on influential labels such as Reverberations (Now RvS Music), Harthouse, TURBO, Visitor, Loaded/Skint, EC Records and Superfreq to name a few. For the past 18 years Tom has travelled extensively DJing and performing live PAs in London at the legendary Reverberations Warehouse Parties, The END and Fabric as well as parties, clubs and festivals all over Europe and North and South America. Tom is also part of the group Various Production, well known for their releases on their own label as well as XL Recordings. Along with Olsi Rama, HMS Renton and Anwar Russell - Tom has recently started Dream Diary - a label releasing music that all four members must agree on first listens that it fits the vision. Really, watch out for this label in 2017.  While performing Tom plays deep techno, his own percussion based super trip productions as well as straight up jacking & tech house that is sure to move the dance floor.