• LivingRoom Cologne manager & Tech House producer from Germany.
    Something between House & Techno! As a producer, DJ and Party-Manager, which is absolutely focused into electronic music. He started spinning in 2002 and began very fast to organize electronic parties with a couple of friends in Germany. Right now he is founder & resident DJ of the famous “Living Room” party at “Reineke Fuchs” and famous “Heinz Gaul" in Cologne Germany. Driven by impressions of the last years, he had his debut single on “Draft LTD”, followed by releases on “Nervous Rec., Brise Rec., Kaato Music & BluFin Rec.”. It didn’t took a lot of time until he get attention by other labels. One of these were “D-Vine Sounds” by famous “DJ Sam Divine” resident of Defected Rec. “Under No Illusion Rec.” from UK. Still to come are new EP’s together with his workmate “Andsan” on “Under No Illusion Rec., Carpe Diem Musica, Go Deeva Rec., and many more.

    Selected discography

    Do Santos, Simone Vitullo - My Bassline Friend (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Go Deeva] Tba Jamie Roy & Ki Creighton - Flamed Feeling (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Under No Illusion Rec.] Tba Fancy Inc - Wanna Thing (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [HIPPIES] Tba Peter Pizzutelli - Terrace Song (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Under No Illusion Rec.] Tba Tolstoi & Andsan ft. Makanan - Murphy_(Original_Mix) [Under No Illusion Rec.] Tba Tolstoi & Andsan - Surfside EP [CDC Musica] Tba Tolstoi & Andsan - Tasia [Go Deeva] Januar 2017 Khaan & Tolstoi - Push EP [Brise Rec] Januar 2017 Ki Creighton & Makanan - Contemplation (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Kenja] November 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Night After Night EP [Go Deeva] November 2016 Khaan & Tolstoi - So Much EP [Take Away Music] October 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Biscoteria (Original Mix) [Under No Illusion Rec.] October 2016 Bontan - Bernaged (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Under No Illusion Rec.] October 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan Ft. Marck Jamz - The Vibe [Go Deeva] August 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - 1970's EP [Underground Audio] July 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Ease EP (incl. CDC Remix) [Under No Illusion Rec.] July 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Starring Phil [Motion Rec.] June 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Cherry [Proof Rec.] June 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Redneck [CDC Musica] May 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Lucius [Proof Rec.] May 2016 Nino Santos & Lightem ft. Khaan & Tolstoi - Spiral [WOW! Rec.] April 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Jackin Fender [Under No Illusion Rec.] March 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Future Move [Motion Rec.] March 2016 Tolstoi & Andsan - Masenada (Original Mix)[Natura Viva] December 2015 Roter & Lewis - Got Soul (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Sullivan Rec.] October 2015 Tolstoi & Andsan - Underground [Under No Illusion Rec.] October 2015 DJ Dep - Hyde Park (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Under No Illusion Rec.] August 2015 Tolstoi & Andsan - Laguna (Original Mix) [Incroyable Music] July 2015 Tolstoi & Andsan - Animater EP [Under No Illusion Rec.] July 2015 Tolstoi, Khaan - Hum (Original Mix) [Kaato Rec.] July 2015 Oliver Lieb - So Strong (Khaan & Tolstoi Remix) [BluFin] June 2015 Tolstoi & Andsan - Freestyler (Original Mix) [D-Vine Rec.] June 2015 Tolstoi & Andsan - Blender (Original Mix) [Incroyable Recording] / May 2015 Tolstoi & Andsan - Here We're Talking (Original Mix) [Rhythmic Rec.] April 2015 Khaan, Tolstoi Vs. Nino Santos & Lightem - Luna EP [Brise Rec.] March 2015 Dan McKie & River Tornado - Time In Life (Tolstoi & Andsan Remix) [Supernarket Rec.] November 2014 JJ Mullor, Tolstoi - Kind Of (Original Mix) [Karmic Power Rec.] November 2014 Tolstoi - Silly (Original Mix) [Incroyable Rec.] October 2014 Lucio Spain, UGLH - Deep Soul (Khaan & Tolstoi Remix) [Konzept Musique] September 2014 Jay Mocio & Groovebox - Start Moving (Tolstoi & JJ Mullor Remix) [Supermarket Rec.] September 2014 Tolstoi, JJ Mullor - Gettin’ High (Original Mix) [Nervous Rec] August 2014 Alex Cruzell - Come On Dancefloor (Khaan & Tolstoi Remix) [Basswalk Rec] August 2014 Mario Da Ragnio - From The Dust (Khaan & Tolstoi Remix) [Take Away] July 2014 Khaan, Tolstoi - Gold Digger EP [Draft Ltd.] January 2014