Titonton Duvante



  • Titonton Duvante is a producer, DJ, record label owner(Residual Recordings), event promoter and all around arbiter of all things musically funky. Hailing from Ohio in the Midwest USA, he has been on a mission to provide the world with depth and warmth
    Titonton Duvante has long been a cult favourite of those who know for well over two decades. Hailing from Columbus in Ohio, his musical and heady sound has a certain kick to it that root you to the floor yet always help you arrive at your destination. With more than 25 years in the industry, he has kept himself at the forefront of the scene both as a DJ and producer, spearheading his Residual Recordings (formed in 1998) with acclaimed releases from himself and many other artists such as Boo Williams & John Tejada. Being a multi instrumentalist from a young age reflects in Duvante’s ever green sound, with a class that will never fade away. In the studio he has cooked up releases on a great deal of the vital labels out there, positioning himself where you dream to be when you start out as an artist. With over 50 releases to his name, Titonton is showing no signs in taking his foot off the gas. He is as productive as ever in 2019 with more lined up on a great variation of platforms - Julie Marghilano’s, Sol Asylum, Yay Recordings and Undefined to name a few. This year and next will see him casting a lot of attention to his Residual imprint, several records are already in the pipeline and in his hands. In the booth he is just as accomplished: his tight mixing and on point selections - as well as superb scratching skills - make for considered dance floor adventures that always get people deep into the groove. Old school yet firmly looking forward, he is a real master of his art who imbues everything he does with the sort of passion and knowledge that always stands him apart. Maintaining the rhythms of the past, and combining them with the fresh and unique flavours you will find in record stores of recent times. Busy as ever times for the Ohio based DJ, this year alone (2019) he has played much loved and critically acclaimed events like Freerotation in the UK, where he did a live PA, as well as places like Hot Mass in Pittsburgh, Queen! at Smart Bar in Chicago, special 20 years of Residual events in Tokyo and Osaka as well as clubs in Russia, San Fran and all round Europe with further tours of North America and Europe planned in the rest of 2019. There is no doubt that Titonton Duvante has carved out his own unique voice - and will continue to do so - in the house music scene, and it is one for those who like more refined electronic sounds that they never get tired of hearing.

    Selected discography

    Embryonic EP (12", EP) Metamorphic Recordings 1995 Titonton & Morgan EP (12") Phono 1997 Avenues / Alleyways (12") 2000 Black 1998 Endorphin EP (12") Metamorphic Recordings 1998 Extrapolation (Remixes) (12") Metamorphic Recordings 1998 Futurity EP (12") Multiplex 1998 The Arousal EP (12", EP) Residual Recordings 1998 The Pornographic EP (12", EP) Residual Recordings 1999 Voyeurism (2x12") Starbaby 1999 Selections For Intercourse (CD) Residual Recordings 2001 Never Letting Go (Remixes) (12") Residual Recordings 2001 Selections For Intercourse (2xLP) Residual Recordings 2001 Sensual w/Fabrice Lig(12") 7th City 2001 Curvaceous (12") Amalgama 2002 Eroticism E.P (12", EP) Deep Departures 2002 Naughty EP (12", EP) Residual Recordings 2002 When We Used To... (12") Starbaby 2002 Raunchy EP (12", EP) Project Recordings 2003 The Explicit EP (12") Neroli 2003 Del Alma Vol. 1 (12") Amalgama 2004 Expand (12") Loop Sounds 2005 Titonton Presents Cosmical Rhythm - The Essential EP (12") Loop Sounds 2006 Provocative (12") aDepth Audio 2009 Persevere (12") Yay Recordings 2015 Recapitulate Vol 1 (12") Soul Research 2015 Licentious (12") God Particle 2016 Recapitulate Vol 2 (12") Soul Research 2016 Hi8us (2xLP) Svon (Clint Taurus Mix) Residual Recordings 1998 Interwaves IV: US Chapter EP (12") Closed Remix Residual Recordings 1999 Ratio Remixed Part 2 (12") Motorcity Revisited Central 2001 Music For Doubles (Remixes) (12") Music For Doubles (Titonton Remix)...Palette Recordings2002 The Last Of The Great Apes EP (12") Secret Powers (Titonton Refreak)...Residual Recordings2003 My Best Friend (Titonton Refreak)... Wool Recordings 2004 Kanashibari (12") Kanashibari(Titonton Refreak) Clandestine Agents Audio 2006 Twitchy Droid Leg Remixes Part One (12") Twitchy Droid Leg (Titonton Refreak)Offshore Recordings 2006 The Deepest Shade Of Techno 1+2 (2xCD) Chronologic SSR Records, 1996 Native Sampler 5: Difference (12") Sexual Intent Native 2002 Can't Explain (12") Voltage Music 2005 Environ: Into A Separate Space (CD) Cusp, Overcast, Frebis Phono 1998 Trace Elements Vol. 1 (12") Jizzax In Da Bizzi 21/22 Corporation 1996 Trace Elements Vol. 2 (12") Scrazzleniph 21/22 Corporation1997 Trace Elements Vol. 3 (12") Up Innisw/Morgan Geist 21/22 Corporation 1998 2000 Black: The Good Good (2xLP) Avenues Planet E 2001 Refraction Vol. 1 (12", EP) Chimay Shimmyw/Fabrice Lig Residual Recordings 2002 ...Mixing (3xLP) Levels Of Scandal Sonar Kollektiv 2004 PD2 Sampler (12") Hentai Bitasweet 2004 Nippon Connection - Exchanging Tracks EP 1 (12") Chi Doro (Titonton Refreak)...Das Modular 2005 Titonton Presents Cosmical Rhythm (CD + DVD) Loop Sounds 2006 Future Soul Sessions: Vol I (CD) Oishii Manko Bagpak Records 2007